10 Qualities Of A Top Affiliate Management Team

Posted by on August 11, 2018

Hiring a company for outsourced affiliate program management is not a decision to be entered into lightly. You will be handing over an arm of your marketing department that has the potential to earn as much as 20% of your company's total revenue. And with money being spent on affiliate management fees you will want to be sure your choice is one that is going to produce profits for your program as quickly as possible.

A top-notch affiliate management team will possess some very specific qualities that suit them to generating traffic and profits for an affiliate program. Below are 10 qualities to look for when choosing among the many Affiliate Marketing companies out there.


In handing over the Affiliate Marketing of your products or services you are placing a lot of faith in people you barely know. But you would of course expect your management team to promote for you with the same excitement and commitment you have for your business. Quality affiliate managers will commit themselves to the success of your program from day one. They will learn everything there is to know about your offer and set clear milestones and goals for seeing it through to success.


The greatest value derived from hiring a company for outsourced affiliate program management is access to their connections with affiliates and super-affiliates. affiliates are of course the engine that powers a programs' profitability. And with the right personal connections to these people your affiliate program will grow exponentially faster and generate consistent long-term profits.


Being an affiliate program manager is very much like being a salesperson. They are selling your offer to affiliates and they must approach engaging with this mind-set. This means being incredibly persistent when recruiting. Just like the rest of the business world affiliates are hard to pin down and get commitments from. They sometimes need to be pursued and closed. A top affiliate management team will have a consistent and effective sales system in place that will efficiently recruit revenue-producing affiliates.


The affiliate channel is a very dynamic space. Sometimes what worked fantastically one-day bombs the next. Those people who are not savvy enough to keep up will inevitably be left behind. You want an affiliate management team that is capable of thinking outside the box and creative about how to set your offer apart from the rest. A quality affiliate manager is one who will pay close attention to your customers' needs at any given moment and move fast to implement creative solutions for enabling affiliates to convert these customers into sales.


Think of your affiliate management team as employees. Just like employees you should expect them to be responsive to the communications and requests of both you and affiliates. There are many issues that arise where responsiveness is absolutely critical. Things such as technical issues, fraud and time sensitive promotions often arise and any hesitation in addressing them could mean lost revenue.


Your affiliate program manager should be a people-person. The primary function of a successful affiliate management team is affiliate recruitment. And those managers who are able to create personal relationships with affiliates will come out ahead every time. You also want to have an easy working relationship with your affiliate manager. So their ability to personally communicate with you relates directly to the success of your program. A quality affiliate manager will go the extra mile for you and your affiliates.


Developing and implementing a successful affiliate program is a monumental task. There are many moving parts and a vast number of potential affiliates and consumers out there. It is the job of your affiliate management team to steer your program through the dynamic waters of the affiliate channel. To do this effectively your management team must be incredibly organized. Databases of affiliates must be clearly tagged and notated, offer statistics tracked, fraudulent behavior watched and reported and many other moving parts precisely managed and organized.


When asked about the affiliate channel and your affiliate program, your management team should be able to answer with confidence and authority. Without the expert knowledge they will never be able to successfully promote your offer. There is a very large knowledgebase in the Affiliate Marketing industry that ranges from the technical to advertising expertise to graphic design and back again. Your affiliate management team must be versatile Affiliate Marketing experts to be able to develop your affiliate program into a successful revenue source.


Given the dynamic nature of the affiliate channel, it is essential your affiliate program managers are always one step ahead of the competition. They must be proactive in creating and seizing profitable opportunities. affiliates do not run every offer that comes across their computer screen and affiliate networks do not clamor to promote offers. If a manager waits around for the success to come to them they will be doomed to failure. A successful affiliate management team will always beat the competition to the door in order to insure being a part of every possible revenue producing opportunity.


As a company your brand is your public face. You want it represented as intended and professionally. Your affiliate management team must be professionally polished in everything they do. Communications must be clear and concise, media assets sharp and refined, recruitment efforts organized and effective. Your affiliate program is an essential element to your marketing strategy and it describes nothing less than stellar professional management. Do not settle for anything less than the best. It is a choice that will pay huge dividends in the long run.

Source by Joel Wood

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