3 Ways To Make Money With Pay Per Sale Affiliate Programs

Posted by on May 25, 2018

Ever since Amazon revolutionized the online business world when they released their affiliate program, there has been many variations on the theme. Affiliate programs are probably the best way for any company to leverage their efforts and their products by simply paying affiliates a commission for making a sales referral. Pay per sale affiliate programs gives virtually anyone the opportunity to make money online.

By simply referring someone to a product you can earn a commission when your referral results in a sale. Affiliate programs is the perfect example of a win-win relationship. We can’t all be Apple and we can’t all design and manufacture Ipods, but that doesn’t mean you can’t profit from it. By joining Apple’s affiliate program you can earn a commission every time your affiliate link results in a sale.

Depending on the company or product that you are promoting, different affiliate terms and rules will apply. Apart from pay per sale affiliate programs, some companies will pay you for a referral, while others will pay you for a click. Pay per sale affiliate programs are by far the most popular as the rewards tend to be the greatest.

Making money online as an affiliate is one of the most popular online businesses and many super affiliates are raking in thousand a month by simply making referrals for other people’s products. Although there are millions of affiliate program networks on the internet, ClickBank is probably the most popular and it has the lowest entry level of all (you don’t even need a website to participate).

Here are three ideas that you can easily start to use to earn from pay per sale affiliate programs – and they are by no means the only.

1. Direct Linking:

Since you will get paid for every sale that you make on a referral you can use some simple math to start making money promoting someone else’s products. Suppose you sell an $47 eBook on ClickBank and you earn a $20 commission for every sale you make. Now, if you are ‘lazy’ and don’t want to do too much work, you can simply create an ad for the eBook and drive traffic to the vendor’s website with your affiliate link.

Suppose your ad costs 20 cents a click and you make a sale for every 50 clicks then you make a $10 profit. Recently programs like Affiliate Project X focuses profusely on this strategy and employs some clever tactics that greatly improves the numbers and makes this a real worth while tactic. It’s quick, it’s easy, but it does take some testing to make it work and the testing costs money.

2. Build A Website

If you want to build a website around your favorite product, you can simply join their affiliate program, build your website and make product referrals from your website. ‘Traditionally’ this is probably the most reliable way to build an online business as your website will attract free visitors (through search engines) which means that you can earn affiliate commission without spending any money on advertising. The best part is that your website will continue to work for you even if you are not working on it and if done properly, your website will continue to bring in money for years to come.

Pay per sale affiliate programs suits this model perfectly as you can easily create a mini-website around a product and if you only make 10 sales a month on a $20 commission that is a very neat $200 a month – and it will continue to come in month after month.

3. Create Your Own Product:

Instead of joining a pay per sale affiliate program, you can offer your own. This is when you start making serious money as you can get affiliates to do all the leg work for you. Although you pay them a hefty commission it effectively is free money. Always remember that affiliate programs are based on a win-win relationship and the more rewarding you make it for your affiliates, the more successful you are likely to be.

This is just a very brief introduction to what is possible with pay per sale affiliate programs. If you are willing to put in some work and to learn, then starting your own affiliate business can be incredibly rewarding and profitable.

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