5 Golden Rules Affiliate Marketers Must Know to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing

Posted by on June 28, 2018

There is no doubt that Affiliate Marketing has opened the doors for regular everyday people like you and me to make a decent living online from home, however there are some vital points you must know in order to heighten your chances of succeeding as a affiliate marketer. I will be covering 5 of them in this article.

1. Research the company and product before promoting them.

A big mistake many people make when going a affiliate program to promote is that they do not spend any time researching the company they will be promoting. Try doing a search on the company name using a search engine can you find any complaints about the company, any negative comments on forums etc, remember you will be promoting this company so it is your reputation on the line as well as theirs. Another point to consider is there sales process browse the website is it easy to navigate, do they have good copy it makes you want to buy, even if you do not buy something from the website yourself go through the sales process is it smooth and easy to go through if you have trouble then you can be quite sure any prospects you send there may have problems too resulting in lost decisions for you.

2. What percentage of the sale should you expect as a affiliate.

Let's talk about the most important point how much do you get paid. Generally affiliate programs work on a percentage basis and it very much depends on what costs the company has to create and deliver the product itself. Some digitally delivered products can offer as much as 75% commission as there is very little cost no costs to produce and deliver the product. Word of caution when someone is offering such a high commission, be aware that the product may not be high quality you have to think why the vendor is willing to give up such a high percentage.

3. Dedicate one page for each affiliate product you are promoting.

When you realize the potential money that can be made as an affiliate there is a temptation to stuff a page with affiliate links, you could actually be losing agreements big time. Let me explain why, when a visitor comes to your website and they are overwhelmed with choices they will usually choose nothing and go elsewhere. You must dedicate one page to each affiliate product this way you can presell the visitor before sending them to the merchant's website.

4. Direct visitors to an opt in page before sending to the merchant.

I would say this is the largest mistake most unsuccessful affiliate marketers make instead of sending visitors directly to the merchant site send them to a landing page with a opt in box. Why would you do this 2 very good reasons, first you can get them on your email list to promote other products and services. Second because you can then pre-sell them on the product you are promoting.

5. Your job as a affiliate marketer is to pre-sell not sell.

As the title states there is a big difference between selling and pre-selling your job is the latter. This can be achieved by reviewing the product or by telling a story of your situation and how this product helped you access the problem, write and article or blog post. Remember this people are far more likely to believe a 3rd party rather than the company selling the product this is the distinct advantage the affiliate has especially if you build a good reputation for yourself.

Thanks for reading and I hope this article has been useful and that you have gained valuable knowledge about Affiliate Marketing.

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