7 Things You Need To Clarify Before Signing A Modeling Contract

Posted by on April 21, 2017


It is crucial for models to clarify and know what they’re signing up for as there are many times where models blatantly read the terms and conditions before signing them, then later realize that they’re unsatisfied with how they’re being managed by their agencies.

First of all, always bear in mind that when you’re in the midst of interview or signing a contract you’re obliged to ask questions. Note that it is not just an interview for you but also to interview them and know the process and terms. Also, it is not wrong to ask your agent to repeat his/her sentence as you want to understand it crystal clear. To ensure that will never happen to you and your friends here is a guide on the list of things and questions you need to clarify before signing.

  1. Duration of the modeling contract
  • Know how long does the contract last.
  • Know your contract and termination clauses
  • Is it auto renewable or manual?
  • Under what circumstances will you only be allowed to terminate your contract?
  • If wish to terminate contract, how’s the process?
  • How many days before hand must you notify them your wish to terminate contract?
  1. Commission rates and payments
  • How many percent will the agency minus out from the model’s earnings?
  • How’s the expenses and tax like?
  • How long will the agency take to hand out your pay?
  1. Modeling contract exclusivity
  • What kind of contract is there available?
  • What kind of contract are you being offered?
  • What are the exclusive terms?
  1. Check what happens if the agency advances you and what if you don’t execute the job well enough.
  2. If you an agency from overseas is offering you a contract, kindly ask for a softcopy so you could read the terms and conditions. If you’re willing to sign, ask them if they will pay for your expenses (flight and stay) there?​
  3. Who are their clients?
  • By knowing who their clients are, you’ll be able to get a rough idea on where the agency stands in the market.
  1. What kinds of jobs does the agency book for their models?
  • Know the way they manage and organize jobs for their models
  • Ask for a rough estimation how much are the rates for different jobs

If large reputable agencies are offering you contracts, it should be fine as they’ve done it thousands of times but still do read the agreement carefully. It is always good to know what the agency offers you and always being a step ahead. If you’re new and a boutique agency offers you, ensure that you read the agreement at least 2 times, ask questions and don’t be shy because it is going to affect your career. Also you don’t want to be suffering for the next few years of your life because of your own recklessness. If you so happen to come across anything skeptical, don’t think twice nor afraid to step up and walk out the door. So remember these few important steps before signing anything – Listen. Ask. Clarify.


Source by Vinod Vullikanti

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