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Posted by on May 20, 2022

The term adjunct professor is frequently used but many are unsure as to the adjunct professor definition. An adjunct professor is a person who teaches on the college level but is not a full-time professor. Rather, an adjunct professor works for an institution of higher learning on a part-time basis. They can teach only one or they can teach multiple courses during a semester. However, future courses are not assured. Adjuncts usually do not receive benefits such as health, life, or disability insurance nor do they receive employer contributions for retirement.

With increasing frequency, college-level courses are being taught by part-time faculty members rather than by full-time professors. This is because it is cheaper for the university to hire part-time faculty to teach than it is for full-time faculty. Full-time faculty do research, serve on committees, advise students, and, thus, they provide stability for the institution as well as teach. However, in an uncertain economic climate, full-time faculty lines remain unfilled or are being cancelled. Thus, many universities have had a reduction in the number of regular faculty. The responsibility to teach the courses being offered rests on the shoulders of their adjunct faculty members. Adjunct professors have no other duties except to teach. Thus, there are distinct advantages being a part-time instructor.

This creates an opportunity. We do not have to go the normal faculty route with all of its hassles. Rather, we can work as a professional adjunct. Adjuncts obtain teaching contracts relatively easy because it is solely need-based. Adjuncts can simultaneously teach several courses each for numerous institutions. This includes teaching online as well as on ground. Thus, an adjunct professor can earn more money than most full-time faculty members.

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