Adventures in Feng Shui With the 5-Element Pagoda

Posted by on September 18, 2017

You might have read some of my previous articles on feng shui and the 5-element pagoda. One of my favorite feng shui items, the 5-element pagoda, provides a measure of protection that is truly amazing. For all of those people who wonder what in the world happened to them-what turned their lives upside down all of a sudden-investigating how this pagoda works would be a good idea. In fact, this pagoda might be considered the number ONE item to purchase when moving into a new place.

Perhaps relating some of my personal experiences with this nifty device might aid understanding of those vagrant energies that cause havoc. First of all, energy is and energy moves around; it’s part of life. Whether you call it good or bad energy, vibes, chi, voodoo, or quantum physics, it’s all the same. The trick is to bring lots of good energy in and keep the bad energy out. The masters of feng shui observed and played with these energies and came up with some terrific tools to give us some control over them. In the Flying Star school of thought, certain specific types are given names. There are four auspicious and four inauspicious stars, the worst of which is the #5 Yellow Star of Misfortune, closely followed by the #2 Black Star of Illness. The pagoda of five elements, with its mantra of protection, is the cure (see my previous articles for more information on this).

For those who scoff at the very idea that there could be ‘stars’ causing problems, let me tell you this: I didn’t know anything about those flying stars and they still got me. When I first learned about the little buggers and looked back over the three preceding years, the proof was evident. 2010 has been slated to be a very bad year for the matriarch of the family who resides in a south-west bedroom (uh…that would be me) but my pagoda has been protecting me quite well.

Before the Chinese New Year came, I rearranged my home and paid particular attention to my about-to-be-afflicted bedroom. Placing my 5-element pagoda on a plastic tub in the south-west corner of my south-west bedroom, I retired for the night, blissfully protected. The next morning, shortly after awakening, a distinctive ‘ting’ came from that corner. Knowing that nothing was over there but the pagoda sitting on the plastic tub, I didn’t even turn to look. A few days later, there was a louder ‘ting…TING!” from the same corner. Puzzled, I picked up the pagoda, accidentally shaking it, and heard a mild ‘ting’. In case you just missed the meaning of that, here it is: the crystal inside the pagoda jumped up and hit against the wall of metal, all by itself. No it wasn’t poltergeist action; it means that a jolt of bad energy hit the device hard enough to make that crystal jump.

Although I have been a feng shui practitioner for years, I had never heard of such a thing happening. Since then I have beefed up the protective influences in my home and have replaced the simple pagoda with a much bigger and grander one, called a HoTu 5-element pagoda. That device is a gold-plated work of art created by a true Master of feng shui, to which I have added infusions of frequencies meant to protect one from anything and everything (ancient secrets, meet quantum physics). The results have astounded even me and are definitely something to write about. The first night that HoTu pagoda was placed in my bedroom, on that same plastic tub, there was a racket over in that corner, followed by something going over my head, picking up the top of another protective device as if looking into it, replacing the top with a clunk, and exiting stage left, out the door. It wasn’t a dream, since I wasn’t asleep yet. It was about one week later, shortly after retiring to bed, that through my closed eyes I saw a blinding flash of white light. Opening my eyes in alarm, another blinding flash occurred, followed by a few seconds of flickering white light and a really loud CRACK! in that corner. The rest of the night was quiet.

Examining the crystal within the next day was shocking. The crystal had been pointing right into the corner and was now flipped over, pointing into the bedroom. That crystal was also cracked and had turned from clear and beautiful into almost completely opaque. The only way that makes any kind of sense is by applying the quantum physics of energy movement as considered in feng shui. Knowing what I do about feng shui, I know that I was protected from something big enough to have caused me considerable disaster-if not death. I think I’ll get a couple more of those handy little devices and start an arrangement of them over in that corner!

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