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Posted by on October 19, 2018

Internet advertising is shooting up to capture the attention of both the entrepreneurs as well as established media houses in the world. With Internet crowned as the runner-up in the media consumption, the industry is looking forward to witness something big.

One of the offshots of Internet marketing is the Affiliate Marketing. Over a decade and half has passed since it made its beginning. It is still to receive the honor of a full-fledged industry as the industry standards and regulation have not been formally endorsed.

Affiliate Marketing can be described as marketing done by website publishers or owners, which do not bear any other business relation with the advertisers. Therefore, in affiliate business , a website publisher provides marketing services to an advertiser, by utilizing his (affiliate's) own resources. Website is just one resource and there can be more, like portal, blog, e-mails, e-content, etc.

Affiliate Marketing is often successful and employs many of the modern web tools and techniques. The trends keep on changing as affiliates tend to experiment with their marketing strategies and plans. One reason for its success and immunity potential to top over other marketing methods is that it can be devised for pay per performance model. Such models have been developed and they do work. Any business firm or merchant interested in the promotion of his brands and services is provided to pay for the results. These results are the conversions that get reflected back as returns.

Affiliate Marketing industry still has a long way to go. It is in its initial phases and mostly self regulated. There is not any central authority or body representing the industry. The norms and standards have also not been formalized. However, the very practice observes a lot of common exercises, strategies, use of tools and techniques.

Affiliate business [] is further nibbling at the service industry. It has already been accepted as a profession by thousands of the people all over the world. The low cost infrastructure and small capital is splintering the Information Technology service industry to form one more entity. Only time can say as how big a bite it will have.

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