Affiliate Junktion Program, is it Really a Free Affiliate Program?

Posted by on April 8, 2018

Keep reading and find out, but before I answer that, I have another question for you: do you think it is hard to start as an affiliate?

If I should answer that and I would say to you that it's easy, then I would be a liar! Of course, when you read all the flashy affiliate sales pages on how easy all the programs are, it's quite normal to get the impression that it is indeed very easy to start earning money as an affiliate. Surfing on the internet, we usually read something like this: "It's costing you practically no time and anyone can do it!" Well, that's a feel good fairytale, in my opinion. You sign up with one of those affiliate programs out there and you feel very excited (again). Enthusiastic as a young puppy, you start with a new affiliate program. And guess what? Again, it's not what you thought it would be. After a few days or weeks, you probably do not pay attention to the program anymore and that's it, because it's not what you expected.

I was sick and tired of it, but I kept looking. Stay at home and work from there was still my dream. Sure, being new in the business, I was aware that I could learn much from my mistakes. But would not it be nice, I thought, if there was a program that took me by the hand and would teach me exactly how to get started? Something like, starting, learning and learning, that's what I was looking for.

And guess what, I think I've found such a program. It's The Affiliate Junktion Program and they are promoting $ 150, – per day within 30 days. Affiliate Junktion is a world leader in internet marketing. Free to sign up, it is an Affiliate Marketing service that promises guaranteed income right from the start. Wonderful, sounds great, so could this just be the one that creates the break through in trying to work at home and finally ear money online?

And of course I had also my skeptical thoughts, like what the catch this time After all, everything should be free. The program should be free, the affiliate website should be free, their support should be superior and free. Well, everything until this far is true and further … the first domain name was free and the hosting costs for the first year where compensated with NZ $ 75, – (yes, it turns out to be New Zealand Dollars after reading the affiliate agreement ). Even free advertising credits with Google AdWords and Yahoo! These free credits are very welcome to "play and learn" with paid advertising.

Looking good, but again, what's the catch? But on the other hand, it was all free, so I had nothing to lose. I became very curious and wanted some answers. So I signed up andave it a shot. I found out that there was some sort of a little catch, but not really. To get started, you have to go through a few steps. And by the way, these steps are indeed very clear and simple. Some of them are even explained in a video tutorial. As a beginner, that helped a lot. Okay, what about "the so called little catch" …. well, you get your free affiliate website (it turns out to be one sales page with everything on it, that's okay), but of course, it needs to be hosted somewhere. At this point, maybe you rather wanted to choose your own hosting service for your new free affiliate website. But if you want to get compensated for the hosting costs for the first year, then you must register with the suggested web hosting company. And luckily it turns out to be a really good one. My personal experience with them is super. Their support for instance, is great, and that is not only important as a beginner in the business. If you want to read more about this web hosting company and who exactly I'm talking about, then please check my blog. A bit later, I will tell you how to get there.

Okay, let's go back to the so called little catch ….

What's really the catch if you get compensated for web hosting services with NZ $ 75, – after all? And above that, if you are a starter just like I was, you need a web hosting company anyway. The compensation of NZ $ 75, – will be added into your account account, once you get started. Minimum payout of your affiliate earnings is NZ $ 150, -. So you have to earn at least another NZ $ 75, – on responsibilities, before you really have the compensation in your wallet. Do not worry, you will succeed in this, believe me, just follow the steps, have fun and see how the amount of money in your account is going up.

As mentioned earlier, there is another cool bonus in signing up with Google AdWords and Yahoo! Through signing up with this affiliate program you will get a credit code you can use with Yahoo! Research Marketing. If you directly sign up with Yahoo! you do not get the credit, but signing up through this program, you get a credit code worth ยค50, – (yes, 50 British Pounds Sterling). That is of course much more than the US $ 50, – starting bonus credit you typically get, signing up through, for instance, your (new) web hosting company. But this program gives you the same bonus amount in British Pounds! Well, for signing up with Google AdWords you get US $ 30, -. The credit code is given to you by the web hosting company, after signing up with them. With these credits, you have the ability to test for a short time, how it's like to advertise with Google AdWords and Yahoo! No risk, no costs. Okay, enough about that. Let's talk about earning money online now. How does it work? The Affiliate Junktion alerting system works like this: With a conversion rate set at 50% (rates vary) and if you're receiving 100 visitors each day, that equals 50 leads. Using the minimum commission rate, 50 leads x $ 2.00 = $ 100 in receipts per day. Commissions increase over time as your website grows and you manage to bring in more and more leads. You will earn $ 2.00 for each lead and work up to $ 5.00. All commission payments are paid out on a monthly basis. affiliates receive their payments via Paypal, check or wire transfer. And finally, would I recommend this free affiliate program to you? For the first time, I honestly say 100% YES! This free affiliate program is really free, at least for the first year. After that you do not get compensated for the web hosting costs anymore. But hey, after a year these costs become "peanuts", because with this free affiliate program you will be making money online. I think it's perfect if you want to work from home. So start, learn and earn!

Have fun.



Source by Robbie Willems

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