Affiliate Link Cloaking – Do not Let Hijackers Steal Your Affiliate Commissions

Posted by on March 29, 2018

There is a lot of controversy an affiliate agreements and link cloaking. Should you cloak your affiliate links and how do you if you are losing money or not?

The first question that people ask on various affiliate forums is why should I cloak my affiliate links ? Is link cloaking an obligation?

Let's answer to the first one …

You cloak your affiliate links to prevent one of these three situations:

1. Prevent Link hijacking

In this case, a smart affiliate will steal your link since he is able to see your referral link and replace it by his own.

He can see your affiliate links in:

1- The address bar of your browser

2. The status bar

3. On your web page (He just need to view the source code from his browser)

Even if you try to disable the right click on your page, a savvy hijacker will still be able to view the source of your page.

2. Prevent link bypassing

Many people do not like the idea that they are giving someone an affiliate commission on their purchase, and they will just remove your affiliate link before buying.

3. Anti Spyware programs

Many anti spyware programs can block your affiliate links, and you do not want this to happen.

Now that you know why you should cloak your affiliate links, let's find out if you really need to do it since it can be a big time consumer …

Obviously, if you are not promoting Internet and Affiliate Marketing products, most of the time, your website visitors will not even know that they parked on the merchant site through an affiliate link.

I spend a lot of time training people to make money online from affiliate programs, and they do not even know what an AdSense ads. So what about affiliate links?

However, many people will still bypass your links, and I think that it always better to stay on the safe side.

On another hand, if you sell in the Affiliate Marketing niche, you will lose a lot of responsibilities.

Now that you know what to do and why, I need to teach you different ways to cloaking your affiliate links, and get a higher affiliate revenue.

Source by Franck Silvestre

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