Affiliate Marketing Career Through Click Bank – How to Plan – 2

Posted by on May 17, 2018

As you remember, in the previous part of this article I dwelled on the affiliates’ aspect with respect to Click Bank .Now I would touch on certain points of interest for Click Bank Publishers.

Click Bank is one of the most widely acclaimed online retailers. Its uniqueness is that it sells digital downloadable products such and e-books on any subjects and topics, software products etc. Click Bank has built up a state of the art proprietary technological infrastructure for quality , security ,accurate tracking and reporting of sales and activities incidental to sales of its publishers.

A huge base of more than 110,000 active affiliates are a ready army to promote any product from publishers and digital product creators. So, as a publisher you may rest assured. But , there are certain things that you have to know to succeed as an Click Bank Publisher.I am enlisting some of those points below .

a) Be clear about the calculation/arithmetic relating to accounting and accounts setting. For this go into the Accounting FAQ and Accounts FAQ section.

b) Be clear how to set the Retail Price and wholesale price for your product. You have to keep the RP for standard (non-rebilling products) in between $3 and $50 (until you acquire a highly reputed position). And for rebilling products this limits are $7.95 and $50.

c) On submitting your product to Click Bank for selling, you would propose a retail price (within the limit defined by Click bank) which Click bank would review on the basis of quality of the product and accordingly may suggest some change on it. If you agree the RP will be set and your product get approval.

d) On approval your turn is to get your account activated. For this you have to make a ONE TIME payment of $49.95 towards activation charge. No monthly charge or fee is payable. With this $49.95 you can submit up to 500 products for sale.

On crossing your sales 500-product figure you shall have to open a new account for selling more products. But this time you get a discounted account activation charge of $29.95 instead of $49.95.

e) $1 will be deducted by Click Bank from the RP set as stocking charge

f) Now Click Bank pays you ( publisher) 92.5% of the remainder (i.e,after deduction of $1 stocking charge)as wholesale price.

g) Every time you get paid, $2.5 will be charged by Click Bank towards Pay Period Processing. By default , the payment threshold is $100, i.e,you get paid when your account accumulates $100.However, you can set the Payment threshold to anything from $10 to $10000.Whatever be the amount of your payment threshold every payout attracts $2.5 as pay period processing charge.

h) You should be aware of three other types of charges which you should try to avoid .They are charges for returned sales, revoked sales and dormant account.

i) Invite affiliates to promote your products. Affiliate program is much more cost efficient than other types of advertising. Your pay commission to an affiliate only against actual sale through his hoplink while in other type of advertising you have to pay for clicks on your links. affiliates take the pain of promoting your products . You can concentrate more on product creation than marketing.

j) However, affiliate is not the only vehicle for marketing your product in Click Bank. You can also promote your product. However, Click bank does not provide any advice or training on creation of a website to promote your products.

k) Remember, every sale, payment , identification of successful promoter affiliates and any other type of action and reaction etc. are intimated to your email address and also reflected in your account stats and analytics . You must check all these three sources to minimize disputes and loss .

l) For the same reason set your email account so that any mail from are accepted and make it a point to store them in a single folder.

m) Also be aware that you can act as an affiliate for other Click Bank publishers using the same account through which you sell your own product.

Having enlisted the above points I would like to remind you that this is not a exhaustive list of things to know and do as a Click Bank publisher. You cannot skip going into the Click Bank thread bear to start selling your product .

Source by Abhijit K Medhi

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