Affiliate Marketing – Choosing the Right Product to Promote

Posted by on February 25, 2018

Part of being a successful affiliate marketer is making wise decisions about the products and services you will promote. The product is not the sole factor in one's success, but it is a key consideration.

With online business booming like never before, the selection of products available for promotion continues to grow. There are new products launched every day and it can be hard to decide where one wants to devote their attention. Consider these factors when selecting a product.

Does it fit your list?

Your list is your income. You have carefully cultured a good mailing list of people who may be great prospects. Consider your best list (s) and what they would be most likely to embrace. If you can find a product that matches your list well, you will definitely sell a great deal more than if you attempt to offer them something that may not be appealing.

How's the commission?

Your commission is going to determine your income, in many respects. It must be considered along with other factors before making a decision. Look both in terms of the net dollar value of each sale and at the percentage of the sales price offered. You need to keep both in mind, because a higher margin item with a lower price may be a better performer than a lower margin item that would net a fortune per sale. That's because you will need to consider how many items you think you'd be able to sell at the disparate price points.

How's the product?

The quickest way to sour your hard-earned list and to render it useless is by selling them an inferior product. You work hard to develop trust and credibility. Do not ruin that long-term money making power by pitching a low-quality product to them. Not only does that raise ethical questions, it can also crush a list of future financial viability.

What's the competition like?

It's fine to take on the crowd, but one will usually do better in a less crowded playing field. If a product is so popular with other affiliates that it risks overexposure, find something else. Why compete with thousands of other marketers if you can find a product you can sell in sufficient volume without having anyone else doing?

By looking at factors like these, you can make solid decisions regarding which products you should promote. Once you understand how it matches up with your list, the nature of the commission paid, the quality of the product and the nature of the competition, you are well-positioned to choose the perfect item to promote.

Choosing the right product can require some research and a great deal of consideration, but the end result is well worth it. If you are dealing with the right kinds of products for you, you are one step ahead of many affiliate marketers.

Source by Dave Cooper

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