Affiliate Marketing – How To Make A Killing With Pay Per Action Programs

Posted by on June 10, 2018

Pay per action programs are pretty powerful types of affiliate programs. They allow you to make money even if the customer does not buy anything! As long as the prospect fills up a form or signs up for a free trial, you get paid a commission. This makes it different from traditional pay per sale affiliate programs.

Although pay per action affiliate programs usually pay out lower than pay per sale programs, you still get pretty juicy commissions of up to $ 5 for some programs! If you get just 10 signups per day through your link, that's $ 50 in easy money. And you did not even have to sell a thing.

The reason merchants are willing to use this system of rewarding signups is because they want to build a subscriber list. By having affiliates promoting their signup page, they can build a list faster. And you benefit by having an easy-to-promote program that you can start promoting immediately.

There are a myriad of ways to promote your affiliate links. You can promote through pay per click marketing, forum marketing (find some niche forums that are relevant to your program, sign up for it, and add your link to the signature file! Then start posting), classified ads (another awesome method) eBay classifieds, video marketing etc. There's so many ways to promote your link that the mind boggles. And in all of this, you do not have to sell a single product. People only need to fill up a form and you get paid! Amazing, is not it?

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