Affiliate Marketing on Craigslist – 5 Simple Steps to Making More Money Fast

Posted by on May 29, 2018

One of the absolute easiest ways to getting started promoting affiliate products online is promoting them on Craigslist. Why is that you undoubtedly ask? It’s quite simple. Craigslist gives you a unique window into what people will and will not respond to, both from and offer, and copywriting standpoint, and will feed you this intelligence is relatively real time.

PPC ads are obviously equally, if not more well suited to do the exact same thing, but of course, the primary difference between running large scale pay per click programs versus running similar campaigns on Craigslist, is…well, the PPC ad’s aren’t going to be free!

Very simply, as my space is obviously somewhat limited here, I will give you the simple steps I follow when picking and promoting an affiliate offer on Craigslist. There might be some more creative techniques that I employ from the standpoint of tracking and testing my results and shuffling some of the traffic around a bit…but for the most part, this is all you need to know to start making money and doing it today.

1) Sign up for your affiliate networks/programs within the network you want to promote

2) Look for tangential or less crowded CL categories that are still relevant to your offer…but that you won’t have nearly the same amount of competition for the click ( note – the easiest way to do this is simply by changing your ad copy – a diet offer can be broached to an entrepreneurial audience where it will get far more views than it’s native section…and if you frame the copy right, you WILL be relevant, not get flagged, and WILL get responses

3) Don’t use redirects on your landing pages. The fortune is in the list…and will be on CL as well. Drive your traffic to an opt in page, give them something free, and THEN send them to the affiliate on opt in for a shot at a quick commission. Remember – following up later is key.

4) Set up analytics to gage which cities are most responsive, use on page “click tracking” to see where your CL traffic likes to click…and ad additional monetization elements to those areas on your next run

5)Follow up, follow up, and keep FOLLOWING up! Craigslist is a simple function of scale – both up – and out. You have to be persistent…change up your offers, and stay fresh. Collect names, build a good list and you will profit, I guarantee it!

That’s basically it. There are some extra added things you should know to avoid getting your ads flagged..and some tips and tricks you can employ to maximize some of your effort – but even if you simply pick one offer, 5 cities and just commit to running that one campaign strong for one week…you WILL succeed, I promise!

Source by Ian Hollander

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