Affiliate Marketing – Take it to the Second Level

Posted by on June 18, 2018

So you have got yourself set up as a successful affiliate. You have got a steady stream of revenue coming in from the offers posted on your site. You could sit back and rest on your laurels and just keep doing what you are doing, but what if you want to keep growing? Where do you go from here? There are many ways to increase your revenue stream, but here we will be considering taking it to the next level – literally. Two-tier marketing is an excellent way to augment your income as an affiliate.

So what is two tier marketing, exactly? Well, what you've been doing up until now – publishing content, serving merchant offers on your website, and learning a commission for each user action – that is single-tier marketing. The scenario is pretty straightforward, you attract traffic to your site and, by extension, to the merchants you are partnered with, you convince your users to buy the merchant's product or signup for their service, you get a cut.

But think about the following scenario: You strike up a correspondence with someone working in the same space as you, and you turn them on to a very good merchant. That merchant sees an increase in traffic and activity and earns more profit, the person you referred to them is making good money from their commission. But none of it would have happened without you.

This is where two-tier marketing comes into play. You've done work for the merchant and in a single tier system, it's good karma and nothing else. And while karma may be good, we all got into business to earn a living. A two tier system means that you refer someone else to the merchant so that they can become an affiliate. You get a commission on everything the person you referred sells. It's a win-win-win situation.

Commissions for signing up affiliates are never as big as the primary commission, so it's not a good idea to try to make this your main revenue stream. A decent commission would be fifteen percent on the first tier and five percent on the second tier. Of course this will vary greatly depending on the market.

Like everything else in the exciting world of Affiliate Marketing, there's more to a two-tiered affiliate system, but this has given you the basics.

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