Affiliate Marketing – The Best Ways To Promote Affiliate Programs

Posted by on February 20, 2018

There are many ways to promote affiliate products on the internet. Your budget usually will determine what the best path to take. If you have money for advertising then pay per click is probably the best option as most banner type advertising is untargeted and does not convert well. There are many pay per click services out there and Google AdWords is the largest and most popular.

AdWords can offer fast targeted traffic to your sites but remember that you still need to convert this traffic into sales. It is often best to focus on building a list first before you try to sell anything. This is especially important if the product or service you are offering is not a brand name product. Also consider selling products that offer a free trial of some type initially.

Most people are related to spend money on anything unless they are confident it can benefit them. There are many membership type affiliate programs that offer the first month free and if the membership is of high quality then many members will stay beyond the first month. Try to avoid looking to make money right away by hard selling since it usually does not work.

When using AdWords the keywords you select are very important so make sure they are very targeted and also try to make your ad groups smaller as this will help to make them more relevant which means a higher click through rate and better quality scores which also means that you may pay less for clicks and get better ad positions. Also make sure your landing pages are relevant to your ads and try to get some of your main keywords in the landing pages as this should also help with the quality score of your account.

Unfortunately most people simply do not have the budget to go with paid advertising so this is where you need to focus on creating a website and promoting it using free tactics. Once you have decided on a niche that gets plenty of searches every month then you need to build a site that is useful and informative. Make sure the content on your site is unique and is created by you. Also make sure to have a 'contact us', 'privacy', 'about us' and 'sitemap' links on your site as this will make it appear more legitimate.

Add content regularly to your site as this will help to improve it in the rankings. Also you need to work on building back links ideally one way back links from as many related sites as possible. You can add your site to as many free directories you can find. Also you can do reciprocal linking where you add links to other sites in exchange for a link from them. Try to place the main keyword you want to rank for in the anchor text of the links as this will help you rank better for those keywords.

A great way to build one way back links as well as increase traffic levels is by using article marketing. This strategy involves writing original articles and then submitting them to article directories. The benefit is that over time you can get traffic from the article directories and other sites that choose to use your articles since there will usually be around 2 links back to your site at the bottom of each article. Also the ranking of your site can also improve as your link popularity grows.

Remember that building a quality site does take time and give it at least 6 months to even one or two years of consistent effort before your site begin to rank well for competitive terms. However you must remind yourself that a top search engine ranking can deliver significant traffic that can easily replace your day job so it is worth it. Make sure your site is not too full with affiliate links and also consider adding AdSense too for additional revenue. Use some of these strategies to help you increase your affiliate income.

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