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Posted by on May 14, 2018

You probably have read that you don’t need a website to start earning online, there is truth in this, but in my experience a website plays a vital role in the difference between earning hundreds a month to earning thousands a month.

Don’t panic if you have no idea where or how to create a website, there are some great programs on the internet which will help you, I also supply a lot of information on my website.

You will be surprised how easy it can be to create a website with no HTML experience or any IT skills at all.

When first starting out to earn online, you will probably be hit with information overload, your email box will be jammed with all the response’s you’ve had to all the news letters and free reports that you’ve signed up for.

From the start let me just say DONT give up. All online businesses need time and effort put into them at the beginning, the key is to start with one method and stick with it until your earning at least $50 a week, then you can go onto your next venture and so on, until your able to earn online more than you can with your day job.

Then and only then can you quit your 9 to 5 job, and put 100% into your online business. Your aim now is to have ten sites all earning you $50 a week, once this has been achieved you need to start working on each sites SEO search engine optimization to get your websites ranking on page one of Google.

Page ranking is vital to your online business, it is the difference between a hobby earning you pennies to a full time business earning you thousands. Once your site achieves page one ranking, you will need to keep it there by adding valued content every so often.

Once you get to the stage that you have ten websites, each earning you between $300 to $500 a week, you will have two choices, no: 1 sit back and relax, no: 2 build another ten, twenty, thirty, the more sites the more you earn online, the choice is yours.

The time it takes you to get to this stage will vary on the time and effort you put in at the beginning, it could take you anything from three months to a year, before you establish yourself online.

You will hear allot of talk online about not needing any money behind you to start your online business, in my experience this is untrue, you will need money to pay for domain names, hosting fee’s and other small expense’s, there are allot of free advertising methods which you can earn online with, but your earnings will be small, and any money you do make from these should be ploughed back into your business.

You wont need a vast amount of cash to get started but it will help if you have a couple of hundred to spare. If you are serious about earning online, there are certain programs and tools you will need to start with, these will include a website and various other tools.

There are various free tools available to you which you can use to start your campaigns and help you earn online, some of these are available on my website. When starting out I strongly recommend you do not use pay per click advertising, at least until you have done allot of research on the subject, otherwise it can be a very costly mistake.

With Affiliate Marketing you really can earn life changing money, although 97 % of new affiliates fail to earn online, you DON’T have to be one of them.

I’ve put together a list of tools, programs, and systems that are all tried and tested, each of these methods are already helping thousands of people just like you achieve there dream of working online and earning large amounts of money, with dedication and perseverance you can be one of them.

So take a look at my website and see if the information can help you.

Source by Ashley Peter Joyner

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