Affiliate Programs – How to Pick the Solid Ones

Posted by on February 27, 2018

This is very important, because your reputation is on stake here! Joining the wrong affiliate programs will only hurt your online business.

First of all, it is almost impossible for you to collect adequate informations on those merchant companies. You certainly can not investigate them thoroughly. Here, you will never be able to predict their successes or failures.

That's why you must not stress on one single merchant only within your niche.

Pick a couple of the best quality products to promote. Still, you can do some critical researches to reduce risk.

OK, now let's see how we can pick the goods from the bads. Here are some factors that affect the dependability of an affiliate program. The more of these factors are present in a certain program, the more reasons you get to sign up to the program.

Let's see …

1. Great quality products. This is a must. How could you promote something you are not proud of?

2. Good affiliate sites.

3. Good missions. Normally, solid merchants offer more than 25% of decisions.

4. Free to join.

5. Great Supports. Solid merchants usually train their associates through training calls, newsletters and other mediums. They also shows your real-time stats and earnings, send you an email whenever a sale is made.

6. Long-term cookie to lock on the visitors to your site. This way you still can make sales if your visitors return to your site months later.

7. Monthly payment with realistic minimum.

8. Two-tier missions. Some merchants give you commissions on your referrals' sales. Meaning … if you refer someone to become an affiiate, you can earn commission every time he makes a sale.

So do some researchers before you sign up!

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