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Posted by on February 12, 2018

Many people wonder why some web masters advertise their direct competitor's websites. They do not understand why someone takes time to build a website for someone else. There is something that beginners do not understand about competition. It's actually good to have a lot of competitors in your market because they allow you to make money with their products while you are studying the niche.

Promoting affiliate programs is the best way to get started on the Internet because every thing is already done for you. All you need to do is to set up a website or a blog and start writing valuable articles for your visitors.

Embed your affiliate links within your articles at strategic positions. What are the best spot for your affiliate links? Good question. However, I will say that nobody has the answer except you. You need to track your visitors' behavior. Plus visitors' behavior will vary from niche to niche. A software like is really helpful because you will now exactly where your visitors spend the more ti, e on your website.

Let's come back to our website (or blog), Internet is all about content, and the more content you publish, the more money you will make. Nothing complicated. Just write an article everyday for your website and get a new backlink every day. To make good money, you need to promote quality products. It's really important. If you do not solve your prospects' problem, they will not buy from you in the future.

I always say that adding affiliate programs to your site is a win win situation because you can profit from the traffic that you are already receiving. If you do not have traffic yet, just do what I am doing, submit articles and they will come … and buy from your affiliate links!

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