Affiliate Programs – Money Makers Or Scam?

Posted by on March 9, 2018

Plenty of people have heard about affiliate programs, if they realize it or not. They've seen them online, television, even on the radio. But let me debunk a few of them for you. Affiliate programs do work and in just a moment I will go into some more detail as to why I really believe that. But first I want to mention about the ones you've seen on television, where Joe Blow makes up for $ 100,000 a week by doing little to nothing. This as much of us would like to believe, is pretty unrealistic. affiliate programs as a whole require work, albeit not a whole lot, but they do take an hour or two of your time a day, or week, all depending on how fast you want to get started with it.

For most people, be you a parent not making enough money to provide your family with the wishes you think your family describes, a college student without the time for a full time job, or simply someone that wants to make some extra money on the side . All of these extremely lead down the same paths. Taking the initiative and leap of faith to try these programs out and unfortunately a lot of us have found them lacking. So as I promised earlier, let me explain a couple of methods the true affiliate programs work and if quite possibly you'll find it's right for you.

Step 1) Find the proper market. As bad as our economy has gotten, internet sales are still going strong.

Step 2) Talk with the seller, research a bit of the information on the product. Heck, you might even own it.

Step 3) Write a review on why you think this product is good for the people. I know, a lot of us are not great at writing lengthy reviews about certain subjects. But with affiliate programs (Like Wealthy Affiliate for one) they give you hundreds of different ideas on what to say and pretty sure you're writing something or they even have people willing to write them for you.

Step 4) Get your review out there. Post it on a couple message boards, a website (which again something Wealthy Affiliate would provide), or a few free adds online.

Yes, those may seem simple or even quite the opposite to you. But let me explain a bit on how it actually is simple. With affiliate programs (again I will mention Wealthy Affiliate for this) they provide you with very current trends online. They detail out what you should and should not do with your articles. They have hosts of information at your disposal and the assistance you may need, talking to actual people who are doing the exact same thing you're doing. Best of all most of these programs come with a full refund, so if you still are not getting out of it what you think you should, you can always return it.

Source by James Linus

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