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Posted by on November 26, 2017

Affiliate Marketing on the Internet is a bit like being in the Wild Wild west. All of the rules seem to have flown right out of the window.

If you decide to promote certain products through an affiliate intermediary, like affiliate window or commission junction, you rely – 100% – completely on their software to safely see your referral through the specific process of seeing the sale through and your commission being logged and attributed to you.

Worse still is the increasing alarm about Clickbank – where it looks that anyone can easily steal your affiliate link and buy the product directly at a discount which – surprise, surprise, is equivalent to the commission that you should have been paid. Not only that, Clickbank take the money straight away, using instant payment mechanisms, but they certainly take their time paying you – and – amazingly in this instant digital world – by paper checks. And they will not pay you until a certain limit – and they keep some back until later. Why? Because this means they maintain a nice big bank balance and earn loads of interest on your money.

Clickbank have almost established a monopoly on digital products. Most of the Internet Gurus marketing ebooks, software, Affiliate Marketing training programs and suchlike rely on Clickbank. However – there is good news. Two new software scripts have allowed digital product vendors to take charge of their own affiliate networks. And not only that, these software scripts mean that affiliates get paid instantly – Yes INSTANTLY, into their own Paypal accounts. The reason that these scripts work is that affiliates are always going to work harder for an instant affiliate commission and vendors prefer being in complete control.

The two scripts are from Seven Dollar Scripts and Rapid Action Profits and they both mean that product vendors of digital products can manage their own affiliates. affiliates get paid by receiving payment directly from the customers that they refer. For example, if you are on a 50% commission rate, every second customer that you refer will pay you 100% of the purchase price directly.

Incredibly many of the instant affiliate commission products available pay 100% commission – this is because they are seeking to make money from one time offers or back end sales. This means that you would get paid for every sale – direct into your Paypal account – immediately.

Just like anything else you can easily find instant commission products using google. Normal Affiliate Marketing tactics still apply. You still need to think about targeting niches in order to be effective. But these two scripts may be a bit of a revolution in Internet, marketing as they take the middle man right out of it.

If you want to know more about Instant Affiliate Commissions then you can download a directory of Instant Affiliate Commission opportunities from

Source by Dave J Saunders

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