Affiliate Programs – The Best Most Effective Free Traffic is Always Targeted Traffic

Posted by on December 25, 2017

Have you joined an affiliate program, and are having a spot of difficulty turning in those all important sales?

Did you know there are a few simple strategies that could make a really big difference to your online efforts?

Lets look at some of the ways you can generate free traffic to your website and your affiliate link

Targeted Traffic Is The Best Performing Free Traffic

Always remember that targeted traffic will produce a lot more sales than just blind hits

You may have heard a lot of hype online along the lines of "all you need is traffic", however if you want to sell something it is far better to concentrate on targeted hits, than just thousands of pointless visitors

Let me explain how it works, hopefully you will understand why targeted traffic is so much better than just "hits"

When people are online they are searching for something specific. There are millions of websites out there, many doing different things, providing different information etc. Its like being in a huge library, but the books are scattered everywhere and there is no way to find anything. So people have to use something to sort through all this stuff and finally find what they are looking for

So how do they do this? – They use a search engine

Modern day search engines are very good at finding web-pages that include the words that you use as a search phrase. So if you type in "internet marketing" the search engine will give you a list of websites that all have the words "internet" and "marketing" on their page somewhere. In addition the search engines will only give you the best 10 sites for this search.

So now someone looking for information has a list of websites that match exactly what they are looking for. If one of these websites were yours then someone who is already interested in your website content, will be coming to your website, and may click on one of your links, or even one of your affiliate products, or even your own product if you have one

Now you might be thinking, well that's fine but my website is not listed high on the search engines. Well maybe not yet, but in time if you keep on writing fresh original content, optimizing your pages for keyword phrases that people actually type in, producing xml feeds of your content, uploading video's of your website theme, producing podcasts, building your email list etc, then in time you will definitely
get there, but it wont happen overnight. It's something you have to work at

That said, even if your website is only listed several pages down the search engine list, the nature of traffic on the internet is so large that someone somewhere will see your website description from your meta tags and title tag, and will click through to your website

Now the important thing I want to stress in this article is that traffic like this – targeted traffic – will perform far better than anything else you have ever seen

How Come? – Its all down to the conversion statistics

You see untargeted – or any old traffic – is really bad for converting to sales. So bad in fact that in most cases its almost pointless

Targeted traffic on the other hand is so good at converting to sales and signups, that you need far fewer visitors to get the same or better results.

Suppose I have 100,000 visitors from some untargeted traffic source. Maybe I might get one sale – if I'm lucky. I might not get any sales, but let be optimistic! Compare that with just a handful of visitors from targeted traffic sources, such as click through the search engines, and you may end up with 4 or 5 sales of a $ 97 product which pays you a 75% commission. Can you see your commission cheque will be a lot bigger with far less traffic


So what have we learned in this article?

One very important thing – targeted traffic sells, and you do not need that much of it
So if you're an affiliate or you fancy your hand at earning extra money every month, simply by displaying your affiliate links, then the one big secret to success is to concentrate on getting targeted traffic to your website, and seeing the power of high quality visitors that produce sales of your products or affiliate links.

Source by Tim Fulcher

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