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Posted by on May 26, 2018

Australia has many more fantastic affiliate programs than you may not be aware of. It is just a matter knowing where to look for them.

First of all, why would you want to promote Australian Affiliate Programs? The answer is simple. Your site has Australian content and your visitors mainly come from Australia. They don’t want to purchase products in foreign currency or items that attract huge shipping costs.

But while digging through the internet to find some programs from Australian affiliate merchants, I found the quality severely lacked from American sites.

There are a few sites out there which list a few gems that could be hard to find from search engine results. But your best bet would be to find a good Australian Affiliate Network to join.

How affiliate networks work, if you are unfamiliar with them, are like a one stop shop of affiliate programs. A network has a whole host of various affiliate programs and you can search through them to find one suitable for your needs.

You may have a blog that has a post on “dating” which you could find an affiliate program or offer that goes hand in hand, such as a banner for flowers. People who read the post may then click on the banner and order flowers. Imagine their reaction if it took them to a site outside Australia? You have definitely lost a sale and most likely, a returning visitor to your site.

There are some great affiliate networks that operate in Australia such as ClixGalore, Commission Monster and more, that have many offers available for Australians.

The beauty of choosing a network over various affiliate programs is that you only need to remember one login and can access all your stats from the same place to see which campaigns are performing and ones that need a little improvement. This can be vital for new affiliates as it really helps you understand which things work well on their websites or blogs.

Another Affiliate program that many Australians may not be aware of is the Google Affiliate Network. This has recently been combined in with Google AdSense allowing you to add banners for household names such as Kmart or Target. There are plenty of other well known companies that have started to use GAN (Google Affiliate Network).

Finding an affiliate program outside of a network also has its advantages. If you are the only one promoting a certain offer, then you have a good chance you may have success for promoting a unique offer. You may also get bonuses for being the top affiliate for that program.

On the note of promoting a unique offer, some top affiliates remove the affiliate banners and replace them with their own eye catching banners. The advantage of using this strategy, is that the offer looks unique from similar sites and could be the factor that sees the visitor click on your link rather than your competitors.

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