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Posted by on April 11, 2018

CashCrate is a PTO (Paid to Complete Offers) site. It has an affiliate program, which is where I have made all my earnings so far.

What is PTO? and how does CashCrate make money?

CashCrate works with numerous other companies on the net. CashCrate finds offers from these companies and presents them as a list. Often they consist of online surveys or signing up to a website on the net.

My tip

Create a new email address for free at a place like Hotmai. You can then use this address when completing offers and so your ‘real’ email address won’t get clogged up. You could also use it for other PTO affiliate programs.

There are only 4 offers available at the moment for me to complete. This is because CashCrate finds considerably more offers for you if you live in the USA/Canada.

If you live outside the USA/Canada you can still make money with CashCrates referral program. You earn a minimum of 20% of your direct referrals earnings and 10% of their referrals earnings. As you gain more referrals this pay rate increases. At the time of writing this post CashCrate has a ‘bonus’ program, where you earn an extra $1 for each active referral you make. I have made all my CashCrate earnings through this referral program and with the ‘bonus’ offer. This bonus offer is also great because it proves that your referrals are also making money, which is nice to know :).

CashCrate has been running for some time now and has built up a respectable reputation. I can safely say CashCrate is not an internet scam but is a top paying affiliate program. The real question here is, ‘Will I be able to make big money with CashCrate?’

The answer is a resounding yes if you live in the USA/Canada. If you don’t (like me) you can still make a decent amount with their affiliate program, but you will have to put a little more effort in.

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