Commission Junctions Steps on Choosing Advertising Affiliates

Posted by on March 16, 2018

Steps always have to be involved in choosing an affiliate mainly because they are considered as the veins that pump in blood into the company. Therefore it is important that affiliates be chosen in a way that would not compromise the credibility and status of the company. Here are some of the steps or ways o how commission junctions choose the affiliates mean to advertise their product.


Because Affiliate Marketing is such a popular way to earn money these days, affiliates-to-be tend to crowd the sign-in booth. That is why, it is wise to audit people in your network to insure that everyone is being the good affiliate that they are.

There are thousands of affiliates who drag their way into your site – from hobbyists to spammers, to legitimate marketers and webmasters. With this kind of population, it is therefore important to the screen and review the affiliate every waking day. Reviewing your affiliate is important to ensure the quality of product promotion that is acceptable.

What are some of the screening tips?

1. Applying affiliates are the ones that have an active site because if they do not, it is the highest possibility that they are spammers. But, there is a but, not all who does not have a website are necessarily considered as a spammer because some affiliates would prefer PPC or pay per click. So when you have found someone who has none, contact that person just to be sure.

2. Content must always be relevant to the product that your company is endorsing. Wherein the content is written in a way that is informative, giving your audience the idea of ​​what you're offering them.

3. Websites must maintain little or no advertisements at all for this will distract customers not unless the website has proven to be very popular. Worse, this will irritate the visitors and may cause them not to return.

4. Watch out for what an affiliate is advertising for this will determine how far he can go. If you're not impressed by the way the website is created, drop it. A positive association with this kind will be complicated and give you heads in the long run.

5. Misuse of content. Be clear about the content of your site. Be sure that the content is other real and unique and is not just an imitation of the company's site. This may commit to rankings in your search engines but can cause a certain level of confusion in your customers. Minimize incidence of this by supplying promotional and quality materials to the site.

6. Product and service misinterpretation. If an affiliate has successfully bought the hype to a different level resulting to massive traffic, there is a great chance that customers would not even bother to read the article's content and just go on buying the product anyway. If that's the case, big trouble is on its way because you may find your butt on the line as soon as the client finds out that what the affiliate has exaggeratedly told them is not true.


Through constant communication, relationship between you and your affiliate can be strengthened. Authorities under commission junctions have proven that through proper screening and regular conversation, choosing the best type of affiliates can be worth the while.

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