Dating Advice For Women – What He Really Means When He Says

Posted by on November 25, 2017

It’s not bad enough that men complicate life for women by being simple, but men add to the confusion by speaking a different language.

Men don’t really mean EXACTLY what they say.

It’s another reason why men and women have such difficulty communicating with each other. Having set myself up as the Berlitz of Men, I am often asked by women to translate this secret MAN CODE. It’s not an easy job. With a foreign language you can fall back on a dictionary and a book of grammar. But every man works with a built in thesaurus, scrambling the words and improvising the meanings as he goes.

Here is a rough guide that pairs the sound of what men say to the sense of what they mean.

When he says: “Sure, I like kids.”

He means: “I like kids, but I’m not ready to settle down and have four of them before I buy my first Porsche.”

When he says: “I could see myself married someday.”

He means: “I’m not just another playboy, but for now, let’s play!”

When he says: “I lived with a woman once, but it didn’t work out.”

He means: “I’m willing to make a commitment but nothing is set in stone.”

When he says: “Tell me about your ex boyfriends.”

He means: “Only tell me about the losers and creeps.”

When he says: “What’s your favorite color?”

He means: “Maybe I can get my money back if she doesn’t like pink.”

When he says: “Did you see the Seahawks play last night?”

He means: “If she’s a Seahawks fan, I’ve found the perfect woman.”

When he says: “My shower is broken. Can I come over and use yours?”

He means: “If you wash my back, I’ll wash yours.”

When he says: “I’m really into my job.”

He means: “My career comes first.”

When he says: “My wife and I are separated.”

He means: “My wife is at home on the west coast, and I am on business here in Cleveland.”

When he says: “Let’s just be friends.”

He means: “There are other women in my life.”

When he says: “Let’s just have fun and see where we end up.”

He means: “I like you but it’s too early to make any real judgments.”

When he says: “We could go back to my place, but it’s a little messy.”

He means: “I am a slob.”

When he says: “Would you mind going to Sunday brunch without me, I have a ton of work to do.”

He means: “There is no way that I’m going to miss that game.”

When he says: “Wanna drive?

He means: “I’m too wasted to drive.”

When he says: “You look stressed out. Roll over and let me rub your back.”

He means: “Let’s make love.”

When he says: “I wonder what Bill O’Reilley will talk about tonight.”

He means: “No sex tonight.”

When he says: “Let’s talk about it some other time.”

He means: “The subject is closed, FOREVER!”

This lexicon is a good starting point. Add your own translations, or, better still, go behind a man’s lines and confront his actions. There, face-to-face with what he is doing, rather than floating in the bubble of what he is saying, you will find his meaning. Men speak through their actions. They are not good at verbalizing.

Source by Don W Bernard

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