Everyone Has an Inner Saboteur – Part 1 – The Definition of the Saboteur Archetype

Posted by on January 12, 2018

What I want to introduce you to is the notion that we all have an inner saboteur.  I know, for some of you this may sound weird, or maybe you just don’t get it?  I am here to tell you and reassure you…that’s okay.  I didn’t either when I first heard about this archetype, but now I fully see it’s existence in almost every area of my life!  And my desire is to make it simple and easy for you to understand.

Lets just talk about your saboteur in a nutshell, it’s the part of you that tells you to the run the yellow light, even though you know that you should just put your foot on the peddle and slow down instead.  That is your Saboteur at work trying to get you to take the supposed “easy” route.

Your Saboteur is the voice in your head that tells you, “just one more drink won’t hurt…go for it, you’ve had a long day you deserve it!”  When that last drink could possibly lead to you doing something REALLY stupid like getting in the car and driving!

Your Saboteur is almost always relegated to your SHADOW.  If you don’t know what a “shadow” is figuratively speaking, then you may want to watch the infamous George Lucas films called “Star Wars.”   I know for some of you reading this…Science-Fiction Isn’t your thing.  But trust me, once you see these films and recognize that they are loaded with archetypal symbols and meaning—a whole NEW world will open up for you.  And you will be glad for it.

Here is the definition of your “saboteur” in a nutshell, if you still don’t get it.  “It is the archetype made up of the fears and issues related to low self-esteem that cause you to make choices in life that block your own empowerment and success.”  Carolyn Myss; Sacred Contracts.

So here is your homework for today, since I am out of time to finish I will continue to the HOW to part in my next article.  GO WATCH THE STAR WARS FILM(S) (episodes 1,2,3 or 4,5,6) and look at what the saboteur is for Luke and also for Anniken. 


Source by Cynthia Farsadi

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