Family Values – Then and Now

Posted by on May 19, 2017


‘Family Values’ since the coining of this word and before described a set of principles that have been a tradition in the family since ages with generation after generation respecting them, maintaining and taking them to a higher level. They may differ from family to family but the basic essence behind it remains the same that is, teaching the new generation something that was inherited from the previous one and which is tried, tested and improved upon.

Family values also aim at making children fine elements of society when they grow up. Everyone wants to be well accepted and niched into the norms of society. Family values help children develop such habits from childhood itself.

But is this true today?

Children are walking out on their parents, cheating their friends and loved ones for their selfish needs to be fulfilled, doing things that are completely against the wishes of their elders, running after nothing but money and not only treating it more than man, but more than God itself.

Family values no longer stand together. They have separated into two words, rather two different worlds, family and values, where both the words have lost not only their meanings but also their essence.

Family now means some relatives whether close or far off both are treated in the same way and value is now the monetary amount associated with everything.

Today values, morals and principles are only limited to reaching the top notch of success. Any and all ways and means that help one achieve that are morals and values of the society, however unethical and unacceptable it might be, it is ignored under the fame and success attained.


Source by Tarang Bhargava

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