Get Paid For Typing – Are You Ready For the Truth?

Posted by on June 7, 2022

Another one bites the dust! Some poor fool has been scammed while trying to get paid for typing. It’s not his fault though, there is an entire industry making money by tricking hundreds of thousands of people like him into believing online typing jobs work. Well guys, I’m here to tell you the hard truth. Can you handle it?

I thought so. Let me just paint a picture of the current situation. In the last month the number of searches for online work at home opportunities has tripled. Yes tripled! I’ve put his down to the pressure everyone is feeling from the global economic crisis, now more than ever people need extra money. So they read about people who have made money online and decided this is what they’ll try. Unfortunately for them they’ve chosen a terrible path.

If you’re trying to get paid for typing I suggest you stop right now. These online date entry jobs simply don’t exist and the ones that do certainly aren’t worth your time. So why do we keep hearing about them? One reason, affiliates. The basic system of online data entry scam web sites is to make a “product”; in our case this product is the “real way to get paid for typing”. All they will give you is some information that is completely useless and won’t make you money, but their sales page will be very convincing.

This is where the affiliates come in. They will go out into the open fields of the online world and tell as many people as they can that free online typing jobs exist and they work. The reason they do this is that, they of course get a commission for every customer they bring to the scam web site. Now why is this being allowed? Because technically they aren’t doing anything wrong. They are offering you information about typing jobs, for a fee. This information is useless and you have to pay a lot for it. People who want to get paid for typing will be sucked in however by the promise of a perfect “system” or secret that no one else knows. It is really just very clever marketing, with sinister intentions.

Now we know about all the scams, are there any legitimate online typing jobs available? Don’t get excited when I say yes, because it’s not what you think. Most of the time, the information that data entry scam web sites give away is a list of web sites that allow anybody to bid on work offers listed by internet marketers and business owners. Here is where the number of searches for work from home typing jobs comes in. The amount of people trying to get paid for typing not long ago was already huge. Now the competition for these jobs is absolutely ridiculous. The chances of lucking into some work are so low, you might as well be buying lottery tickets.

This can be a pretty deflating chunk of information for people who were excited to get paid for typing. But don’t give up hope just yet. Other online work at home opportunities exist, yes that’s right, real ones! The best alternative to work from home typing is internet marketing. Don’t be scared, anyone can do it and do it for free.

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