Grab Your Initial Affiliate ClickBank Commissions Before ClickBank Does

Posted by on March 19, 2018

ClickBank has been very popular with internet marketers. With ClickBank, you can either become a vendor or an affiliate. However most affiliate internet marketing newbie starts off as a ClickBank affiliate first; hoping to make money from their affiliate ClickBank commissions. They work hard setting up their website; building up traffic etc hoping to make some money.

However, most newbie will find initially that it is not that easy to make money on the internet – despite the fact that they have seen the sales pitches screaming at them that they can make tons of money by just a click of a button. A testament to this fact is that ClickBank has approximately 2.8 million members but only 110,000 members are active. The rest are what ClickBank consider as dormant members.

Think about this again – if it is so easy for newbies to make their affiliate ClickBank commissions, why then are there so many dormant members? ClickBank also classify their members as dormant if they have not made any sales for sixty days since their last sales. However do not despair, it is not only internet business – any other business is also the same. Most startup brick and mortar business struggle for the five years threshold period before they become successful or die off.

ClickBank understands this but most ClickBank affiliate newbies don’t. So as a ClickBank affiliate newbie, you worked diligently on your ClickBank affiliate business and you got lucky. You hit a sale and it’s a relatively large sale of $80.45 (a fictitious figure for illustration purposes only). However no sales come in after sixty days. That’s when ClickBank’s dormant policy kicks in. You will be charged by ClickBank on a per day basis and if there still no sales after a defined period, that penalty amount is increased. At the end of the day – there is a possibility of all your affiliate ClickBank commission being taken away by ClickBank!

It is not fair – because as newbies, we are busy building our internet marketing business and despite what we hear of those making thousands immediately after getting into internet marketing, a majority of internet marketing newbies only make decent affiliate ClickBank commissions after a threshold period, and this is generally after more than a sixty days period.

However do not despair, there are legitimate ways that will help you grab your hard earned affiliate ClickBank commissions before ClickBank does that – while you continue with your website and business development. If you are a newbie, don’t let your ClickBank account become dormant once you have made that initial sales. In fact, once you become a ClickBank affiliate, make sure you start on the right footstep by ensuring that your ClickBank account is continually active (and also make some money at the same time).

Internet marketing can be a very lucrative field if you know how to do it. There are so many areas that one can get into in the internet marketing field. You can choose to sell electronic (eproducts) or physical products. You can also sell your services and technical skills too. Many people choose to sell eproducts via ClickBank for their affiliate ClickBank commission.

Do it now and make sure that your ClickBank account is active and you get your ClickBank payments. Follow the link below to find out how to avoid losing your ClickBank payment and keep your account constantly active.

Source by James Causian

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