Hemorrhoids Treatment – Do Hemorrhoids Have a Meaning?

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I believe this will be an enjoyable article. While I have investigated different Hemorrhoids Treatment alternatives, this will be the first blogpost that not only provides you with Hemorrhoids Treatment(s) choices but it puts into perspective the meaning behind hemorrhoids. Hope you will enjoy it!

Hemorrhoids or piles are one of the most common health illness that most people will struggle with at some point in their lives. Hemorrhoids are veins, located in the anal area, that are dilated and have become varicosities.

Hemorrhoids Definition

Hemorrhoids are dilated veins around the anus and the rectum areas. Some of the main factors that give rise to hemorrhoids are: constipation, bad eating habits, stay standing or sitting for many hours, pregnancy and a sedentary lifestyle. Hemorrhoids can be either external or internal or both.

Emotional interpretation of hemorrhoids

It can be represented as a conflict between the interior and exterior. Frequently there are mixed feelings, for instance, you may want to reject something or someone but on the one hand you may experience feelings that prevent you from actually carrying on with a specific action due to unknown reasons or simply because it is not suitable for you. Funny enough, even advertising is targeted to “those who suffer in silence”.

Positive emotion of hemorrhoids

Let yourself flow and relax and find out how to act according to your heart’s feelings. This does not mean acting without thinking about the consequences but it means acting regardless formalities or fears.

In the next lines, you will find some alternatives for your Hemorrhoids Treatment(s).

Phytotherapy for hemorrhoids

Buckeye, Ruscus or Gingko based infusions improve blood circulation in the [anal] area and Bioflavonoids (substances found in the oranges and lemons’ skin) strengthen the [hemorrhoids] veins walls to avoid continuous bleed.

If and when we realize that our nervous system is closely related to our hemorrhoids incidence/appearance, we can then take Melissa, Passion Flower, Orange Blossom or Tila infusions.

Nutrition for hemorrhoids

If we want to come up with an effective hemorrhoids treatment solution, we ought to keep away from constipation. We can reduce constipation by increasing our fiber intake (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes). Fiber will increase the stools volume, prevent hemorrhoids from drying out and lastly the stools will remain less time in the intestines. All this will make the colon walls to experience fewer spasms as they will no longer require additional effort to evacuate, thus avoiding further decline of the final leg of our digestive system.

Psilium fiber, Plantago ovata, guar gum or linseed (flaxseed) are particularly beneficial against hemorrhoids because, unlike corn fiber or bran, they are not irritating as they absorb lots of water and form a gelatinous mass. This creates a slippery layer that on the one hand helps increasing the fecal bolus and on the other hand, stimulates stool evacuation.

It is important for our intestines that we drink plenty of fluids (water) as this condition will keep them hydrated and the fecal bolus will easily flow out.

Staying away from coffee, salt in excess, refined and spicy foods, and alcohol will make our circulatory system to become more efficient (hemorrhoids never cease to be veins that carry dirty blood)

Additional tips

Warm water baths are often a great hemorrhoids relief and therefore a great hemorrhoids treatment choice. Before actually taking the bath, you can pour walnut or thyme infusion to make the bath’s effect even more comfortable.

Physical exercise activates and stimulates the bowel, fights constipation and reduces stress.

In all cases we recommend consulting with your doctor, therapist or other qualified health provider. The information in this article is for information purposes only.


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