Highly Recommend Strategy for Beginners To Use So They Select The Best Online Business Idea

Posted by on May 26, 2022

You might be one of those who want to take action, but all those offers online and offline, all those good promises with “money back guaranteed” are so overwhelming and you are not even sure after investing your time and money whether this staff will work or not! To know how to select the best online business idea there is a strategic decision-making process that successful online entrepreneurs have used to get started.

OOC / EMR Decision Making Process

O= OUTCOME: What is your Goal? Knowing your goal is very important to keep yourself motivated Ex: to get my first $1000 from my online business by the 19th of October

O= OPTIONS: What are all the options available to you right now? Write them all down including courses, information products, mentoring, books etc. This is to avoid so much overwhelming information that might be holding you back from getting started. Ex: Dave’s 2 weeks mentoring, Scott’s training program, Master online business program, Internet Marketing books, etc.

C= CHOICES: Select the Top three choices from all the options above that you wrote down. Choose the ones that are the most relevant to you and that will help you achieve your outcome.

E= EVALUATE: From the top three choices that you came up with. Write down the advantages and disadvantages for every choice Ex: Dave’s training program: Adv: I’ve done my research and people are actually making money as soon as they finish the training. Disadvantage: It is expensive and it doesn’t seem to be for beginners

M= MITIGATE: Take the disadvantages and figure out solutions. Leverage your time to some one else. If it is not for beginners, then find someone who can make a quick set up for you at low price Ex: ask yourself, who could do it for me? I don’t know how to build my website or a good blog and if I had to do it, it’d take me ages, so who can build a website for me.

R= RESULTS: Make the decision, which package or program? Pick the best choice! Ex: online business program: It is the best for me because I did my research and I found out that the system and community are great! I have mentors who can answer any question if I need. I don’t know anything about internet marketing and they’ll provide me with all the tools and resources to get me up and running. Even more, they will teach me on a virtual context how to brand myself, drive good traffic, and motivate me to take my business to the next level.

I hope you found this useful. People spend thousands of dollars in coaching in order to get this strategic decision-making plan. The most important thing is that you come up with the best options and decision and don’t let all those “get rich quick” schemes overwhelm you and hold you back from getting your online business started.

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Source by Ricardo Lopez

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