How Do I Make Money on The Internet? 3 Tips To Help You Get Started Now

Posted by on August 27, 2018

The internet is a great place to make extra cash quickly while providing goods and services that benefit your customers. There are many ways to make money online, but I am going to just focus on the three most lucrative forms of online income.

Blog links

One of the most trendy ways to gain wealth online is text links on your blog site. Typically the links are laid out on the side under "Other Sites" or something like that. After signing up, the amount of money you will be paid for the links is determined by many factors such as your site's Alexa traffic ranking and page rank. As a rule, a beginner's blog will earn about $ 15 per text link. But if you sell six for example, that's $ 90 / month just for hosting a blog. raising your page rank and Alexa ranking will no doubt increase the fee for your links. Let's say for instance that the price of your links has increased to $ 100. For six links, that would be a solid $ 600 / month.


While not the only factor – site traffic is obviously key when it comes to profiting from almost any online activity. The more visitors that see your well positioned, pertinent and well designed AdSense links, the more likely it is that they will make a purchase. So do not just work on your links – work on building your readership list. Not only that, think about how you might direct traffic on your blog into pages where visitors are more likely to click on your AdSense links.

Affiliate Links

affiliates profit by referring customers to their merchants. There are many companies and webmasters who offer affiliate programs to supplement their online sales. When you join an affiliate program, you are given an affiliate link with a unique affiliate ID which will be used to promote the product. When someone makes a purchase using your affiliate link, you make money right then through agreements.

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