How to Create a Fortune in Affiliate Commission

Posted by on January 10, 2018

Affiliate Marketing, done right you could create a fortune and work online full time by simply promoting other peoples products. Affiliate Marketing is one of the easy ways to make a lot of money fast even if you have no experience. There is plenty of information online for Affiliate Marketing.

The number one way to promote an affiliate program, you guessed it article marketing. article marketing has become very popular and very affective again. The reason why a say again is for a while many have discarded article marketing as dead in the water.

Many affiliates and super affiliates are now providing them wrong, article marketing is the number one way to drive free targeted traffic to any product you are promoting or intend to promote. People are always looking for information on subjects that they interested in, This is were writing articles comes in. The most affective way to find information you are looking for on the internet about any subject is through article directories.

This is were you come in, when you are promoting your affiliate product you will want to tap into as much targeted traffic as possible a great way to do this is to write articles. Articles have been proven to help affiliates create huge imports.

You may have done article marketing before and failed, here is the secret to becoming successful in promoting your product or an affiliate product through articles.

Writing in volume, some people will find this easy and other may hate writing ether way if your promoting any type of product and have little or no budget writing articles is the answer. What do I mean by writing in volume, well writing a huge number of articles fast, In order to dominate your niche over others you will need to put more effort in than they are.

For promoting any product, if you want to see decent results you should be writing 3 – 5 articles per day and submitting to at least the top 10 directories, this would mean you would have 50 articles per day 250 per week, all pulling in targeted traffic to the product you are promoting. this can sometimes mean 100 plus visits a day, an if your your product a high 5% convert rate you would be making 5 sales a day.

Does making 5 sales a day sound tempting, it should do if your getting high commission from click bank you could be looking at walking away with thousands of dollars in your pocket each month, and all you did was write some articles. Now you can see the power article marketing can have when done in volume.

Remember the faster you take action and start your own online affiliate business the sooner you can start raking in the piles of cash the internet has to offer.

The best way to promote an affiliate product is through your own website this will also mean you can build your own hungry opt-in list which will be important for the future of your affiliate business.

Source by Paul Mclaughlin

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