How to Find a Niche Market and Increase Your Affiliate Commissions

Posted by on March 31, 2018

Learning how to find a niche market is a valuable skill to have as an internet marketer. It's not as hard as it may seem either. Having the ability to find a smaller market within an industry will have a very positive impact on your affiliate contracts, and conversion rates. After learning how to find a niche market you will be able to hone in on your customers specific needs and needs, and deliver exactly what they are looking for.

So what exactly is a niche market? It's simply a smaller category of a larger market. We will use auto racing as an example. Auto racing is a huge market. You could break down auto racing into different categories such as drag racing, stock car racing, sprint car racing, and formula one racing. These are all smaller markets in auto racing, but not really a niche. Lets dig deeper using drag racing as the example. Drag racing can be broken down into smaller groups such as drag radial, and bracket racing. These specific types of drag racing each have there own unique needs specific to their type of racing. These are niches within the auto racing market. A bracket racer needs different equipment to compete than a drag radial racer would need. If you promote products aimed at a bracket racer, to the drag radial racer, you will not be very successful. Every large market can be broken down in this same manner in order to find a sub niche.

How to find a Niche Market with Free Methods

Lets talk about how to find a sub niche using the best free method I've found. One of the best ways to find your niche is the free Google keyword tool. Type in a broad phrase related to the market you're interested in. We'll use golf for example. The keyword tool may bring up the term golf club. Next take the term and put it back into the keyword tool. You may get some results like Wilson golf clubs, or left handed golf clubs. Then do the same by reinserting these words back into the tool. It may turn out something like, ladies left handed golf clubs. Now that is a prime example of a targeted market.

Some other ways to find your niche is to look at what affiliate networks offer. The products on ClickBank are good examples of niche markets. If someone went to the trouble of developing a product it's most likely a profitable niche. Look at Amazon as well. The series of Dummies books are also a great source to use for locating your niche. Website directories are another method. They will have broad categories that are further broken down into smaller, and smaller categories. They actually find the niche for you.

How to Find a Niche Market Keyword

After you have found your targeted sub niche you will need to find good keywords to drive traffic to your affiliate offerings. The best keywords are long tailed, niche specific keywords. The Google keyword tool is also great for keyword research. From our golf example above, take the niche ladies left handed golf clubs and put it into the tool. You will likely find some good keywords to use doing this method. Some examples could be, used left handed ladies golf clubs, or Wilson left handed ladies golf clubs. These are long tailed keywords that are also buying keywords. When someone searches for specific terms such as these, they have already done their research, and are in the buying phase. You want to target these people!

Now you know how to find a niche market, what it is, how to use free tools to find niches, and how to find hot keywords to increase your affiliate sales. I hope this information on how to find a niche market was helpful to you and benefits your online campaigns.

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