How to Increase Your Affiliate Commissions

Posted by on March 20, 2018

You joined affiliate programs and you want to increase
your responsibilities. It is easy but needs a lot of work to

First, you must create your own site and use it as a bonus
when the users buy product / products that you sell. It is good
also to collect their email addresses for future advertisement.
You can do that with driving the users not directly to the
product you sell but send them to a page that must put their
names and email addresses.

An other tip is to advertise your product in your signature
email file. You can put signature to every email you send, you
can do that with microsoft outlook or something else, but
remember the signature must be 3 lines not more. It is also
good idea to start trade links with other sites. This has two
good results, one more visitors of course and two increases
the Google page rank.

Finally you can also create an e-book and the content must be
relative to your product you sell and dont forget to put links
to your site. Also good idea is too join newsgroups and chat
rooms and advertise it without spam.
Good luck!

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