How To Make A Quick $25,000

Posted by on May 23, 2022

We all hear of the heavy hitters who make thousands of dollars a day, and our eyes roll, and we say “If only I could do that”. Actually the mechanics of earning $25,000 a day are quite simple: get either your own product or an affiliate product that makes a return of $10 each and sell 2,500 of them – you do the maths! Even if you have your own skimpy little 7 page EBook that sells for $7, you still only need 3,570 sales to make your $25,000.

When you break it down like that, suddenly it doesn’t seem so hard. When you consider the vast amounts of buyers on the internet, 2,500 sales or even 3,570 sales is not very much at all. The real problem is that you have to reach enough of those buyers to get 2,500 of them to sign up.

If you have a conversion rate of 1%, which is not impossible, simple maths tells you that you will need a list of 250,000 customers. Now you can see why the big guns can make their $25,000 a day consistently. They have a huge opt in list, plus an army of affiliates who also have large opt in lists. So if their own list is 25,000, and each of their affiliates has a list of 25,000 the total customer volume of 250,000 only needs ten or so people. Of course you have to factor in the facts that the price of the product may be considerably more than $10, and that there is a commission payable to each affiliate and the actual amounts required to make the $25,000 will vary a lot. For instance, there are a lot of internet courses on the internet market for $997, or $497, so their amount of sales would be a lot lower than $2,500.

Now should see that if you have a list of 25,000 you will have a great opportunity to make money with your own product, but you will also be in great demand as an affiliate with other product owners and joint venture partners.

Now to get that list of 25,000 is not easy. Don’t go out and buy one of the “Explode your list” products on the market – I’ll tell you how to do that for free!

Just as you have acquired a skill set in your present occupation, so you must get a different set of skills for your internet job, and believe me, in the early days it will seem like a job. You won’t suddenly get to earn money online free, maybe in dollars, but not in time. For instance I try to write an article every day, which is a chore, but I know it is something I have to do to get my name and web site out there.

You will have to learn how to make a website, get hosting, and sign up for an autoresponder (so you can put an opt in form on your site): on my site there are recommendations for all these things. Buy copies of Dreamweaver and Photoshop and learn how to use them. Both of those programs are expensive, and there are some free open source equivalents, but I figured it was better to spend money on that than on the latest get rich quick program that landed in my email. Ask yourself how many of those instant money schemes have ever made you any money? I’ll bet they are just sitting on your hard drive gathering e-dust.

Get a trial version of Camtasia and learn how to make a video, so you can reach the great You Tube audience. Learn how to compile an EBook, complete with cover. Again, there is a product on my site which will show you all this, and more.

The point is that you will spend less money on these than you are currently spending on the latest fad, and unlike those fleeting schemes you will have skills which will be of value to you. They are the things which will help you reach lots of people, get them to visit your site, obtain their email details by way of an opt-in form on your site, and get that coveted large list.

As we have seen, once you have that big list the quick $25,000 should be easy peasy!

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