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Posted by on September 2, 2018

Have you surprised what all this Internet Marketing or more specifically "Affiliate Marketing" is all about?

I have chosen to write this article as I have been involved with Affiliate Marketing now for a few months, yet when I talk to my friends and family, they have little idea what the potential of what I am trying to accomplish. In a nut shell, Affiliate Marketing is about taking products and marketing them on the Internet. The upside to this business is that anyone can do this. All you need is your time and a computer to get started.

Why is Affiliate Marketing so popular? – Well for one, companies that are small to medium in size only have so much of their budget that they can lend to market their product. In order to mass market their products or services, companies would need to spend thousands of dollars. For some it is possible, for most it is a challenge. The idea that companies can pay salespeople, hence "Affiliates" to market their products, in turn they have no fees to pay until a product is sold. The affiliate in turn is selecting a company to market and does not accept any contracts until a sale is made.

Affiliate Marketing is very huge today thanks to the internet. There are tens of thousands of companies out there looking for affiliates to market their products. Companies can be Fortune 500 companies to mom & pop shops looking to expand their business. affiliates also, when they are on top of their game, will market products to all types of micro niches (since targeted like minded groups of people). Companies are willing to pay typically from 5% to 75% of the sale to the Affiliate. Best thing is that you do not need to buy any products to sell. If you are doing online marketing, you market their product and when someone buys, you earn a commission. It is that simple!

This is a great business to be in. Anyone can do this business. If you would like to read more articles on this amazing business, check out my Blog entitled Internet Based – Affiliate Marketing .

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