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Posted by on April 26, 2019

In the world of Internet Marketing, the main idea is to make money easy and fast. When you have such a huge potential client base, and you want to sell, gain customers and make a profit, it's easier to let the Internet do its thing and let potential customers communicate with one another and exchange ideas and thoughts about your products, rather than manually trying to get people to buy.

One random web surfer can have hundreds of contacts with which he shares information, and those contacts may have hundreds of contacts themselves, and so on, like a huge spider's web, where nodes represent groups of people or groups of groups of people, known as entities, and the lines between them represent a communication channel, and implicitly a pathway to share information.

When selling your product, if you target independent groups of people, and they are satisfied with what you provide them, then they will spread the word to other groups of people, and in a chain reaction, you will have gained a fundamental client base interested in your products.

All this seems good, but it can be even better. What if you can earn more money, not just the money for the price of you sold product. What if you could get paid to provide costumers for other businesses as well?

Businesses always need more clients, that is one of the basic rules of a business. Sell, sell and then sell some more. But in order to sell, you need to constantly grow your client base.

An affiliate is a person who you pay to bring you customers. affiliates attract customers to your web pages, through persuasion, banners, ads, "true stories", basically anything that catches the eye and proves interesting. For every new client, affiliates get a commission, which can consist of a percentage of the profit from the products sold to the customers bought by them, or a fixed sum of money.

Affiliation to a business can come in many different forms, not just in the form of hunting for new customers.

Google for example provides an advertising program, where businesses can register their sites, create banners, slogans, or any other type of publicity, and users can incorporate these banners into their web sites, and for each banner, they earn a specific amount of money. The mechanism is simple, and efficient, leaving great potential for profit: businesses pay Google to publish their publicity material, with the promise of traffic increase for their relative sites, and to fulfill this promise, Google pays users to click and visit the web sites . Users that click and visit are affiliates to Google.

Another type of affiliate program revolves around the concept of Click Per Action. Users are rewarded when they complete an action (either complete a survey, or spend 5 minutes on a web page, or generally anything that creates publicity for a specific product). Users are always more interested in checking out a product if they know they can make extra money without needing to buy anything.

Being an affiliate to a business has many pros, and it's an easy way to make money. You do not have to go through much effort, and you're always sure you will get paid, since businesses understand the importance of affiliates, which generate profit for them. These Internet Market key-concepts are easy to put into practice, and with the intense number of businesses active today, you're bound to find some kind of affiliate program that suits you.

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