Learn to Stop the Affiliate Commission Thieves Out There Trying to Hijack Your Affiliate Commission

Posted by on April 13, 2018

Every affiliate marketer understands that the life force for their website's success is the affiliate link that confirms they sent the visitor to the merchant and rejected in the sale. Unfortunately, there are also some devious individuals that also understand the value of your link and have taken it upon themselves to become "Commission Thieves" by hijacking the commission you worked so hard to get by replacing your affiliate id with their own.

The truth is this has become a very widespread problem within the Internet marketing community based on the fact that Clickbank affiliate links are without question the easiest to hijack. For this reason, if you are a very heavy promoter of Clickbank programs you need to be aware of this problem and take the necessary precautions needed to cloak your affiliate links making it more difficult for these scummy commission thieves from stealing the money earned from your hard work and efforts. Failure to protect yourself could make a huge difference in your bottom line at the end of the month.

Fortunately there are several ways to go about hiding your link. The first involves using a service called tinyurl.com which is essentially a url shortening service. You provide your affiliate link and the service will then customize (shorten) your link for you instantly. As you can imagine, this is a very fast and effective protection method.

Another way which is a bit more advanced for a new affiliate marketer because it involves PHP coding which you would enter into your editor.

To make things easier for you I have supplied the code you would use below (please note I left out the in the code so it will show up:

meta http-equiv = "refresh" content = "0; url = your affiliate link here"

Next you will need to upload this code into your web host provider making sure to save it as a PHP extension and not your standard html file. It may seem confusing but what this code does is act as a redirect to your affiliate link thereby protecting you from the affiliate thieves. Perhaps the only major disadvantage to this method is that there are certain web host providers and web browsers that the code will not work with.

These are two methods that are extremely effective at protecting yourself from the evil individuals that prey on the uninformed and unprotected. Implement these measures today and you will save yourself some heartache and money.

Interested in more tips like this? Are you ready to learn how to become an Affiliate Marketing superstar? If so, then continue reading.

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