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Posted by on April 7, 2018

There is an affiliate program for everyone nowadays and if you have a viable, live website, there is no reason why you cannot get in on this easy commission-based money making opportunity. Mortgage affiliate programs are some of the newest on the market and they are very simple and easy to use. People will visit your website, click on the mortgage banner or link you have there to gain more information, fill out a form, and then you get paid. One of the most reliable mortgage affiliate programs available is by Quicken.

Who is Quicken Loans?

Quicken Loans is one of the biggest online mortgage lenders in the United States. A branch of the Quicken family of financial products, this online lender has become one of the most trustworthy sites. They can help you get a home loan, a home equity loan, and refinance your current loan. With 4,000 mortgage experts to help visitors to their website, Quicken’s mortgage affiliate program is one of the best available. Already they have seen high-converting landing pages and good payouts for their affiliate partners.

Pros and cons of this program

Quicken Loans works only in the United States, but that doesn’t mean your overseas website cannot be an affiliate. On the contrary, with the Internet being worldwide, there will be people who will still click on your banners to get the information. Quicken’s program has affiliate support, and a simple loan process which customers will find highly attractive. Their conversion rates are high, they offer their affiliates free content for their website, and their customers – affiliates and loan awardees alike – have been highly satisfied with the products offered.

So far, the only con with this program has been the moderate commission. Quicken Loans pays between $5.00 and $15.00 per lead. While this is less than other mortgage affiliate programs pay, you know you are working with a respected and reliable company. Nine out of ten customer satisfaction surveys have said they would recommend this online home loan site to others, and that is good for both you and your visitors.

How does Quicken Loans help me promote them?

As part of their affiliate program, Quicken Loans will provide you with content for your website that is connected with mortgages and mortgage loans. Some of the things they have previously provided have been mortgage calculators, mortgage news, videos, glossaries, and other pertinent information. They will also provide you with graphics, a landing page, and customer support that are easy to work with and willing to aid you in any way you need.

When and how do I get paid?

One of Quicken Loans affiliate program perks is that they work with Commission Junction to track your traffic. Around the 20th of each month you will be paid your earnings from the previous month. By using Commission Junction, you are able to check your account balance to see how your website is doing. It will be able to give an idea of how much traffic you are generating and you’ll be able to adjust your promoting tactics accordingly to bring in more.

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