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If you have even a passing familiarity with ClickBank, you will know that they offer a very powerful system for selling your own downloadable products online. You can create an eBook, a software program, a video course, or pretty much any type of downloadable product, and sell it using their system, even if you do not have a lot of technical knowledge or experience.

Not only does ClickBank help you sell your own products online, but it also helps you increase your sales. This is because ClickBank offers an affiliate network. You can set a percentage commission rate in your account, and affiliates can link to you to earn that percentage commission on sales that they generate. Since ClickBank has a huge base of affiliates, many thousands, this can be an excellent method of increasing your website traffic and sales.

However, unless your first product is very immediately successful, and perhaps even if it is, at some point you are probably going to ask yourself how you can increase your revenue further. One idea is to keep working on promoting your existing product, but sooner or later you will feel that you have reached a limit. Eventually you should decide to offer a second, third, fourth, etc., product. Each product offering you another stream of revenue.

Fortunately ClickBank allows you to offer multiple products through your existing vendor account, so everything should be easy and straightforward. Or that is what you think until you start to consider the question of affiliates.

One limitation of ClickBank’s system is that they only provide for a single landing page (known as the HopLink Target) per account. All your affiliates must send traffic to this single landing page! Clearly this is a major disadvantage, because your affiliates will want to link to product-specific pages. They want to do this, because they know this maximizes conversion rates and sales.

Imagine for example you are vendor of a pet eBook store. You sell eBooks about cat care, dog care, and parrot care. If affiliate has a dog website, or has written a review of your dog-care eBook, or is advertising on dog-related keywords in search engines, they know that they will get best results by directly linking to the dog eBook page, rather than the home page of your pet eBook store.

So how do you get round this limitation?

One idea is to open another ClickBank vendor account for each of your products. This however has several disadvantages:

1. More hassle.

2. Each vendor account has associated fees – a $49.95 activation fee, check issuing fees if applicable, etc.

3. You may get paid more slowly, because each one of your vendor accounts has to separately reach payment thresholds, customer distribution requirements, etc.

4. Because your affiliate sales will be distributed over multiple ClickBank accounts, you will find it much tougher to increase your gravity level (a measure of how many affiliates recently made sales) in ClickBank. Gravity is visible to affiliates, and is one of the main factors that they tend to consider in deciding which products to promote, so increasing your gravity is very important.

A better idea is not to open new accounts, but to stick to using your existing vendor account, and find a way to overcome the single HopLink Target limitation so as to offer your affiliates a choice of product-specific landing pages. Even though ClickBank’s built-in system only allows a single landing page for affiliates, it is possible to add software to your website that allows multiple landing pages.

Some people develop custom scripts for their websites specifically for this purpose (or pay a freelancer to write a custom script for them), but that can be expensive, risky, and often results in buggy scripts that are hard to maintain. It’s a lot safer, and usually cheaper, to choose an off-the-shelf solution.

Here’s what you should be looking for when choosing an off-the-shelf script to address this issue:

1. Works with your existing ClickBank vendor account.

2. Allows you to offer your affiliates a choice of multiple landing pages.

3. Allows you to offer product-specific landing pages.

4. Allows you to offer multiple landing pages for any individual product (in case you want to sell the same product to more than one audience or type of customer).

5. Allows your multiple landing pages to be spread across different websites with different domain names.

6. Uses ClickBank hoplinks (ClickBank affiliates tend not to trust other types of links).

7. Easy to set up, install and administer – if it takes more than a few minutes to install from scratch, it’s too long – remember your business is selling your downloadable products, not messing around with scripts!


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