My First Affiliate Commission With Zero Investments

Posted by on January 5, 2018

Those who are in the Affiliate Marketing know well how it is when you make your first affiliate commission. In that moment nobody on the earth is happier that you.

How I made my first affiliate commission?

First I register on ClickBank affiliate network, browse the marketplace and choose a product to promote. I made a blog about this product and added AdSense on it. Next step was to ping a blog to and I do this every day after each new post I add to my blog.

Then I register to answer Yahoo service and start to answer a questions adding link to my blog in the end.

Another think I do is attending forums to answer and discuss about same topic.

I start to write articles and publish them to ezine and articlecity, every day one article including a link to my blog.

After 3 days I had my first AdSense earnings, 0.32$ what was not too much but I realize that if I can make 0.32$ I can make 1$ and so on. Things are working and give me motivation to continue even harder.

I start to post 3, sometimes even 4 times a day on my blog adding new valuable content and pinging after each post. Start to attend forums 2-3 hours a day and in the same way answered to dozen questions every day on yahoo answer service.

After 2 and a half week comes my first affiliate commission and those who pass it knows well how happy I was.

In the end I just want to tell you that Affiliate Marketing without spending money in additional advertisement works if you perform your action in the right way. If you like to cut the corners you will burn faster than you realize it.

Source by Goran Lubiana

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