Niche Affiliate Programs and Pay Per Click (PPC)

Posted by on June 2, 2018

Most people looking to set up an internet marketing business are doing so with one objective – to make money! Why else? But, they don’t only want to make money. They want to make money quickly and easily.

Nothing comes without spending a little time and effort on it but there’s little doubt that the quickest and easiest way to start up an internet marketing business is with niche affiliate programs and pay per click (PPC) campaigns.

Let’s take a few minutes to examine exactly what niche affiliate programs and pay per click campaigns are.

Niche means just that. What the marketer has to do is identify a niche that has a problem or where there is a demand. Then they have to find a product that will satisfy that need or demand and which is sold through a niche affiliate program.

Niche affiliate programs are used by creators of products to sell them. Basically they promote them on one or more of the Affiliate Marketing websites and affiliate marketers sign up with them to receive a commission for each product they sell. The huge majority of these are digital downloadable products so payment and delivery are virtually instant. The owners of the Affiliate Marketing websites manage the whole thing, collecting the price of the product from the purchaser, paying you your niche affiliate program commission and the creator of the product the remainder, charging a small, price related fee for the service they provide.

So, everyone’s happy.

The creator of the product has made their sale, the marketer has received their commission and the affiliate manager has earned their fee. Bearing in mind the level of commission is almost always at least 50% of the selling price (less the affiliate manager’s fee) and can be as much as 75%, this potentially produces huge returns for the internet marketing business operator with their niche affiliate programs! And all they have to do is carry out a few hours research to identify the need, find the product and market it.

For those new to or in their early days it is important that their niche affiliate programs deal with subjects in which they have an interest and understand. Research the niche by visiting forums and groups online to identify the need, find the product to satisfy the need, sign up as an affiliate, go back to the forum(s) and sell it.

No, it’s not a matter of blatant selling. Return to the forum and post a few responses to threads where the product will satisfy the need. Something like: “I have the same problem/need/want and have been searching the web for a solution”. Then a couple of days later “Eureka”, I’ve found this product that fits the bill perfectly. Have a look at it here (and include your affiliate link). You’ll make sales and also begin to build a reputation as a bit of an expert on the subject of your niche affiliate program. This strategy will develop sales but how many? You’re limited to the number of niches with the same need that you can find and get around to selling into. What’s needed is a broader approach.

For niche affiliate programs PPC may well be the answer. A PPC campaign can be set up in minutes; certainly in no more than a couple of hours. In fact niche affiliate programs and pay per click could be producing profits within 24 hours from now! Yes, there’s work to do to identify the niche, the need and finding the product. There’s keyword research to do and PPC campaigns and advertisements to set up. There’s also a requirement for a landing page as most of the search engines require PPC ads to link to the advertisers landing page and from there to the product sales page rather than directly to the sales page. All this can, however, be set up in a matter of hours, if not minutes. Then sit back and watch the cash roll in

But there is, of course, a snag.

PPC means just that. Internet business marketing with niche affiliate programs means paying for each click received whether or not the click results in a sale. The amount the niche affiliate programs marketer bids for clicks therefore has to be balanced against the conversion rate expected and the commission that will result. Careful drafting of the PPC ad to attract only relevant clicks, a well put together landing to warm the prospect and a product sales page that produces good conversion rates (that’s sales) are all important factors if losses are not to be incurred.

Say that in a particular niche affiliate program campaign the marketer is paying $0.50 per click for a product upon which they earn $45 per sale and that their PPC campaign and the product sales page together produce a 3% conversion rate. Every 100 clicks cost $50 and produce 3 sales at $45 each, total income $135, for a profit of $85. Fantastic!

But what if the landing page for a particular niche affiliate program just doesn’t quite hit the spot? The clicks may be coming through and the product sales page may convert at a more than satisfactory rate but the prospects don’t click through from the landing page. Because of this the conversion rate may be only at 0.5% – that is on average one sale for every 200 clicks. The 200 clicks cost $100 but the commission earned is only $45 for one sale – a loss of $55 and a disillusioned internet marketing business operator, particularly with regard to niche affiliate programs and PPC.

So, the lesson: niche affiliate programs with associated PPC campaigns can be highly profitable, they are quick and easy to set up but there is always the possibility that a loss will be made. It is essential that all aspects of niche affiliate programs are properly researched and set up to achieve success.

Source by Nigel Moysey

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