Novice In Affiliate Marketing? Here’s The Fast Track To Affiliate Commissions

Posted by on March 22, 2018

Are you still a novice in Affiliate Marketing? Well, then here’s a quick and easy method to crank up your affiliate commissions…all without building a website, registering a domain name, or having an opt-in list. In fact, you only need to create simple 2-line ads to make commissions by the truckload.

Here’s how you can start building your Affiliate Marketing business today:

Go to Google Adwords. Sign up for an account right now. It only costs 5 dollars to get started creating an account. (Go and read up on AdWords on their site. It gives lots of great information)

Create your ad. You’ll need a headline and two lines of text. Include your main keywords in your headline and also in your text.

Link to your affiliate link in your website URL. You can use the merchant’s URL as your display URL.

Create your keyword list. This will be made up of the most specific keywords that are related to the product you are promoting.

Set a daily budget of $5 to get started. Test your ads by refining your ad copy to see if you get better returns. Keep on testing to get a better ROI (return on investment). Remember, don’t overspend, especially if you are just getting started. Master AdWords first – this is a powerful advertising program to leverage off the massive traffic that Google gets daily.

And there you go. That’s an easy way to start making cash from affiliate programs right there. You don’t have to deal with complicated website creation, build subscriber lists or write much content. That’s your ticket to earning your first commission right there.

Source by Fabian Tan

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