PartyLite Review – Is the PartyLite Compensation Plan and Business Model Right For You?

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PartyLite is a legitimate company that has been in business since 1909. They sell candles, bath & body care, fragrance, and gourmet foods and recipes. I’m not going to concentrate on the product details, but I’m going to concentrate mainly on their business model and their compensation plan so you can decide for yourself if becoming a PartyLite consultant is the right business opportunity for you to commit to.

How Products Are Marketed & Training

PartyLite consultants market their products through something called home shows. When you give a home show you are the host of the party. The goal of having a home show is to sell the products and recruit potential people to join your sales team.

The PartyLite business revolves around home parties and recruiting. Consultants are trained on a model called 10-3-2. This training model developed by PartyLite is asking consultants at each show to make at least 10 sales, book 3 new shows, and recruit 2 new leads into their PartyLite opportunity.

The PartyLite Compensation Plan

The first way to get paid is just off a regular retail commission. Essentially, the difference between the retail price and the wholesale price are profits you keep.

Now to qualify to receive direct sale commissions, you must sell $500 in sales every month. When you are qualified, the bonuses you can get are the following:

1. Commission for home show is 25%.

2. If you exceed over $2,000 in sales, then you will receive a 7% bonus of the total sales for the month. For example, if you made $4,000 in sales in January then you’d make a commission of $1,000 ($4,000 multiplied by 25%). Also, you qualify for a bonus so this means you will get a bonus of $280 ($4,000 multiplied by 7%).

And the third way to make commissions is through group sale commissions where you can make between 2% to 7% in group sales. There are 7 leadership levels. The level you’re on depends on the number people on your team and the amount of money earned.

For example if you were at the first level, which is called a unit leader, the following conditions must be met to qualify for group commissions:

1. You would need to recruit 4 consultants on your team

2. Your downline, which is your team only, has to make at least $2,000 in sales per month.

3. To remain as a first level unit leader you have to make at least $640 in personal sales each month.


The main question to ask before joining this opportunity is “Can I continually fill rooms at my home shows with people that are willing to buy my PartyLite products?” This is an answer that you must seriously think about before joining PartyLite.

Having home shows is not the greatest way to market PartyLite’s products. And this is a consultant’s main method of selling their products. It is an old method of marketing. Remember, 97% of marketers are failing because they are still adopting the old strategies of marketing. Also with this method of having home shows you are limited in the size of your market. People have to take time off their schedules to actually drive to your home show whether it’s at your house, apartment, or some other venue. How do you market to people that are far away? Limiting your customer base means your limiting the amount of financial growth with your own home based business.

Now there is nothing wrong with this marketing tactic because if you’re a person that is more into interacting with people by way of home shows, then this is definitely the right business for you. And if you’re a person that truly uses and loves PartyLite Products then I would definitely advise you to become a PartyLite consultant. If you own the products and truly believe in it, people will take you seriously and trust your judgment because you are actually a loyal consumer of the product.

People need to realize that in order to grow your business you need to establish a presence online using effective marketing tactics that the top marketers are using today. Make sure to implement personal branding to differentiate yourself from the rest of your competition. Make sure you utilize a funded proposal system by offering inexpensive informational products that help solve people’s business problems. With the funded proposal you can make money to cover your advertising expenses. You’re main goal is to establish trusting relationship with your prospects by providing free training tools and resources to them. If they find you’re free offerings are useful they will continue to follow you rather than you having to chase them down for a sale.

Source by Brandon R. Drake

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