Selling on Commission – How to Get Started and Earn Large Commissions

Posted by on May 22, 2018

Selling on commission is always an option for many sales professionals. Whether you have sales experience or not, there are always opportunities to work for a sales organization that pay sales people for making sales on a commission only arrangement. If you are interested, then you can quickly get started and there is a world of opportunity awaiting you.

Selling on Commission – How to Get Started and Earn Large Commissions

Within this article you will learn why selling on commission is more popular than ever and how you can be earning large weekly tasks within days of getting started.

Why selling on Commission is more popular than ever

Because of the economic downturn, increasing competition due to globalization and more businesses downsizing than ever before, many professionals in the job market are either facing redundancy or unemployment with their existing employers. Professions which at one time were considered to be a profession for life, are now considered to be just as vulnerable to change as the unskilled sector.This fact of life, is now affecting many professional people who have the added burden of family responsibilities. Many of these people are now looking at all options, not previously considered. One of these options, is to enter the sales profession.

Unfortunately, without sales experience, it is almost impossible, to secure a top sales job with all the usual perks like good basic salary, company car, pension and medical insurance etc. For this, you will often need to prove that you have sales experience and also specialty experience within a certain market segment. However, selling on commission and getting started as a self employed agent is always an option as the entry requirements are never too demanding – Previous sales experience is never a prerequisite, age is never a criteria and you will always receive full support in establishing your new sales career and getting your first sales commissions paid safely into your bank account.

You will need these Important Skills in order to Succeed in Sales

There is a huge difference between earning a guaranteed salary, with bonuses etc and learning your living from selling on commission only. For a commission only role, you will need to become totally responsible and dedicated if you want to achieve meaningful results and large weekly tasks. Unfortunately, if you have come from a large organization within the corporate sector, you have probably had a comfortable lifestyle with little or no supervision. For many people, this has created a lazy and irresponsible attitude within the work environment. This laissez-faire attitude will not create satisfactory results in any business, especially your OWN business, where you are absolutely the ships Captain and responsible for everything from creating your marketing plan, generating your enquiries and closing your sales.

From the first day you start selling on commission only, there has to be a total change of mentality.

Should I be Selling on Commission – Online or Offline – or Both?

Offline Selling -The old fashioned method of selling is called face to face or as some others know, belly to belly. This is where your social skills and powers of influence and persuasion can be employed to their full potential when you meet your new prospects.This is a very social form of selling and if you are good at influencing peoples decisions, then this form of selling could be suitable for you.

Typically, offline selling, involves you finding your prospects and selling with the aid of samples and a presenter that contains images of your product. It is often said, that "people buy people" – in other words, sell yourself first, then the company and then the product. This procedure will help you to create the necessary confidence with your prospect that is a vital component when selling. The prospect has to have confidence in You, The Company and the Product. If you can do this effectively, then you will be successful in selling on commission.

Online Selling – More sales are generated online than ever before and the sales figures are rising steeply. In fact, some sales organizations have built their own business from working online.

There are many advantages to generating all your sales online instead of offline. When you are selling online, you have a global market and you can specifically target those prospects online who are interested in your product or service. When set up effectively, this means you will have a fully automated procedure that takes your prospects from the introduction of your product, all the way through to the sales page and the processing of the payment into your bank account.

This form of selling on commission can be extremely rewarding financially, if you learn the most effective strategies of online marketing

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