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Posted by on January 31, 2018

Getting rich is not quick, and there is not a magical formula for sinking millions of dollars into your bank account overnight. There are however, ways to boost your income right away, and continue the pattern for long term growth and wealth. Now that I've shattered your dreams and left you with nothing, I'm here to show you a few ways to pad your wallet on your way to financial freedom. Class is now in session guys!

Remember when the internet first started gaining popularity, and you could not get enough? Perhaps sites like Myspace, and Facebook ring a bell? Of course they do; they have everything you need to make your time online WORTHWHILE ….. social networking, catching up with old friends, meeting new ones … it was great. It was normal to be able to log on, update your status and have 15 new comments from your friends, or "followers" within 10 minutes. Imagine with me if you will, the power of what I just said. Just sit there and really think about it for a while; take a few minutes of your time to visualize the above concept on a marketing level. Okay, now picture yourself posting a product review on YOUR web site or blog- just a simple 100-word post with pictures and a couple links to your chosen affiliate product or service will do the trick. Out of the blue, your phone buzzes with a new email from Click-bank, detailing the 3 sales you just made from your affiliate campaign.

The above scenario really is not too far fetched, actually. Sure, most people who start an affiliate campaign will fail, and most network marketers give up before they even begin to see results, but for the well-trained it's not too difficult at all. Before you barrage me with comments such as; "I'm a noob", "I do not have a list", "This sounds like too much work", save your time and post that negative comment somewhere else in cyberspace! I'm only here to tell you what WILL work if you put some effort in. I'm not even asking for a lot, just enough to implement some of the techniques I'm going to share with you in later lessons.

So, what are the next steps … where do you go from here?

Find an affiliate product to promote

Purchase a website or blog on which you'd like to promote

Write two full-sized articles

These are the exact steps used by internet marketing legends and experienced affiliate marketers to earn thousands of dollars every month, consistently.

You do not need any more information than this, period. Follow these steps and you will see the difference; forget any one of them, and you could be sabotaging yourself from the get-go.

Source by Alan J Armstrong

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