The eBay Affiliate Program – Taking It To A Whole New Level

Posted by on October 30, 2018

As a stand alone program, the eBay affiliate program is fairly straight forward: Add eBay auctions ads to your website via RSS feeds, track able links and a few other features and you profit when someone makes a purchase. Great concept, right? Well it would be, if you could narrow your product feeds down to one unique "Niche" or even a product or model number. A software program called "Build-a-Niche-Store" (BANS) brings your eBay affiliate program strategies to a whole new level!

BANS as a Tool

The eBay marketplace is home to 60 million plus products and services, covered in 80,000 plus categories. The "Build-a-Niche-Store" website building software allows you to take full advantage of the eBay affiliate program at its most basic level. You simply choose the category or niche, enter the category number (s) and the software does the rest. Since BANS uses eBay RSS feeds, your site will update automatically as the auctions start or end. The BANS software is designed to be setup quickly with templates that represent almost any category or niche you choose to display. It comes complete and ready to launch with a search engine friendly script, that can be customized and tailor to your choosing. With the easy to use setup interface, you can add Google AdSense ads, affiliate links and content pages effortlessly. Because each page can be as unique as you like, Meta tags such as title, description and keywords can be created to report an entire category or even down to a specific product and model number. What could be easier?

The BANS software was designed to be used by individuals new to the internet to build their first monetized website. For those of you with an eBay store or sell items on eBay, this software will greatly enhance you're marketing strategies and can be set up to point directly to your auctions or eBay store if setup properly.

Targeting your Products

As an example of its flexibility, let's say you're a Car Stereo enthusiast and you want to sell Car Stereos. You create a Car Stereo site that covers Car Stereos, Car Amplifiers, Car Speakers, Car Video and GPS Navigation Equipment. Your new site displays eBay's Car Stereo products under category # 3270. Left as is, this page would display every item on eBay under "car electronics". You do not want your visitors scanning hundreds of car stereo items, so you need to setup a page that is specific to a particular item. You do some homework on eBay and discover that the "ROCKFORD FOSGATE POWER AMP T8002 2ch 800 watt AMPLIFIER" is a hot item right now. You also find that the Garmin StreetPilot, is another hot seller and add the appropriate pages and categories.

It just seconds, you create 2 pages under:

Car Electronics; 2 Channel amps; Rockford Fosgate; Rockford Fosgate T8002 Car Amplifier.

Car Electronics; Car Video and Navigation; Garmin; StreetPilot

Your eBay site Car Products under category # 3270, with a specific niche page that runs only these Brand and Model of Amplifiers and Garmin GPS StreetPilots.

There is no limit to the number of pages you can create and no limit to the number of websites you can setup. Your success with BANS is limited only to your imagination.

Should you visit the BANS user forums, members often comment that BANS is not only fun to work with but is quite addicting as well!

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