The Meaning of Life, To Be Happy, and a Fortress of Solitude of Happiness Within

Posted by on May 10, 2017


I had believed that everyone knew where happiness and the meaning of life came from. I was terrible mistaken.

I was reading a magazine. There, right in those nicely printed words, for everyone and anyone to see, was a writer stating “for certain” that if you do activity A, or activity B, you will be happy. The author of that original piece had not caught the fly ball to right field. The fly ball to right field was that happiness is found within you.

I had thought that by this time, early in the twenty-first century, all would have caught that fly ball easily. Happiness is contained and nurtured within the human being. Then events and circumstances are put together to reinforce that happiness. Even if you don’t believe that happiness is the meaning of life, as I do, still you know that happiness comes from inward intent. Not from superficial and memory numbing events in the bodily world.

Driving a nice car is a good thing. But the car can be destroyed in many different ways.

To own a fine house is a benefit. But the house does not necessarily bring a feeling of triumph. Oh, yes, may be for a time a feeling of joy from outside events and things will be with you. But for long; it does not last.

And the list of things could go on endlessly.

Then there are happenings. Graduation from high school is a fine accomplishment. Getting a book published is a special event. The births of children create special days. A promotion on job may well be cause for celebration. But if you do not have happiness within, there is no lasting contentment from outside events.

Why is that? Why doesn’t stuff make you feel happy forever? Because happiness and the meaning of life are found only in the inner holy place of the self. Unless you have a center that holds no matter what is happening outside, you will not know happiness.

Of course, just because you have a calm and happy center does not guarantee that outside events and things will always be wonderful. Bad things do happen.

But with a calm, stable center of happiness protected like a fortress within, nothing that happens outside of you will cause you to lose happiness and, thereby, a sense of the meaning of life.

It is not difficult building that fortress within, which events or things cannot destroy. It only takes some practice and some patience.

You need to spend some time every day where you stop and contemplate your inner life. You can do this with your eyes opened or closed. You do not have to follow any one particular practice. But a good place to start is to concentrate on your breathing.

If you would like, you can even imagine a “fortress of solitude” being built within. Imagine the walls going up and the towers being raised. The gates are heavy and solid.

In the inner most sanctuary of you, you place the idea of eternal happiness and meaning. Guarded day and night by your spirit, protecting your happiness and meaning.

If you need more than thinking about your breathing, there are a great assortment of meditation methods available to you. You need only Google “meditation” and you will have many to choose from.

Outside things can and will be destroyed or worn down. Events in your life, while important, will not last except for the moment in which they occur. Then you have memories. Memories, while important also, dull with time.

What remains constant is that “fortress of solitude” within. Build it. Maintain it. Guard it. Cherish it. When you have advanced it to maturity, you will be filled with happiness and you will truly know the meaning of your life.


Source by Dr. Robert Henry Schwenk

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