The Secret To Affiliate Marketing: How To Get Your Customers To Buy From You Right Now

Posted by on November 24, 2017

So you’ve spent all your time writing content, making the website look fabulous, you’ve added all your affiliate links, shared your content, but no one is buying a thing. Not even a sausage.

Why? It’s probably not the product, but it could be this:

As soon as you try and sell, you stop offering value.

So how do you make your audience buy from you right there and then?


Today, I am going to share with you the one SECRET you can implement right now in your affiliate business that will encourage your customers to buy from you right now instead of clicking away. It works and it will boost your sales from 0% to 40% instantly.

In fact, what I am about to reveal to you is a real game changer, and to be honest, if I personally would have earned a Heck of a lot more in my early years as an affiliate marketer if I had done this one thing.

And that is…


OK, so what sort of bonuses are we talking about here?

What we’re not talking about is bigger carrots. Bonuses, like free downloads or add-ons to a service to help your audience achieve their desired outcomes faster or easier, should never be seen as just a bigger incentive to buy from you. They should ALWAYS be an offer to HELP your audience first and foremost. Not your bank balance.

What should an offer achieve for the customer?

When you are creating content about the product or service you are offering to your audience, you are creating trust and building a relationship with your readers, and you never stop doing this. Ever.

You want them to continue to like you, enjoy reading your posts and visiting your site. That will only come if you’re not pushing sales on them from the word, go.

For a start, you should only ever be promoting a product you truly believe in. Never promote something that you think is a bit ‘meh.’ So, when it comes to your bonuses, you want to ensure your customer is getting the maximum out of this product or service, and the easiest way to do this is give away with each sale, a bonus to help your audience get the most out of their purchase.

For example:

Say you are promoting a product that will help dog owners with training their pets to sit and fetch. The bonus you offer your customers could be a step by step video or guide to help them use the product with faster results.

How to add your bonuses on purchase

There are several ways you can do this to ensure that you’re sending out the bonus to people who have paid for the product. You could set up a landing page from your post that incorporates your affiliate link so that as soon as they have paid, they are sent a thank you page which has the link to your bonus on it.

Or, you could ask the customer to send you a copy of the payment receipt in so you can then send them the bonus.

What are the benefits of offering bonuses?

For a start, your credibility goes up in the minds of the audience. Not only are they understanding that you have complete faith in the product your selling but they can see they are getting yet more value from you.

The only thing you must make sure is that your bonus is of high quality. Even if you send them a PDF of FAQ’s that are asked about the product, make sure you are providing value that you wouldn’t get elsewhere. It must be unique so give it some thought first before you offer your bonus.

Securing your sale through your own unique link

Bonuses will also ensure that your audience are buying from you and not from your competitors. Don’t forget, there will be thousands of other affiliates who are marketing the same product. Offering a unique bonus will put you high above anyone else selling it.

The other upside is that word gets around and your audience are more likely to recommend you to their friends AND come back and purchase more from you in the future. What you’ve done here is raised their expectations and that’s always a good thing for you and a bad thing for your competitors!

What bonuses can I send out?

Anything you think will enhance your customer experience on purchase. You can offer them:

FAQ sheets: on how to use the product

Personal experiences on using the product

Additional information or further reading list.

Cheat sheets on using the product

Step by step guides, videos, blueprints, templates, add-ons

Emailed e-courses to help new users of the product

Source by Michelle J Hatcher

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